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How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees

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(click here for Adoption Fees)

Following are the steps to adopt a dog from GSRSV:

  1. Take a look at the Dogs Available for Adoption through GSRSV page to see if there is a dog that you're interested in. 

  2. Contact Brian Foran at either 916-655-3125 or for more information about a particular dog. At times, there may be other dogs available for adoption not posted on this Web site--be sure to ask.  

  3. STOP!!Please do not fill out an adoption questionnaire unless there is a specific dog or dogs that you're interested in AND you've discussed this dog with me!
    Complete my Adoption Questionnaire (either a Microsoft Word ".doc" file or an Adobe ".pdf" file). 
    There are three ways to submit the adoption questionnaire:
    a. Download the Adoption Questionnaire from this page and type your responses directly into the document; then, save the document and attach it to an e-mail message to Brian Foran ( In order to do this with the ".pdf" file, you will need Adobe Acrobat software on your computer. While the document is not an online form, and your typed entries will move characters around, e-mailing a completed questionnaire is still the fastest and most efficient method to deliver it to me.

    Note: if the .doc version of the Adoption Questionnaire opens into a Web document (".htm") rather than a Word document (".doc"), the information you enter into the document will likely not save. If this is the case, please send an e-mail message to Brian Foran at and request that he e-mail you a copy of the questionnaire. The questionnaire generally opens into a Word document when it is an e-mail attachment.
    b. Print a copy of the GSRSV Adoption Questionnaire--Print Version, complete it, then send it to:

         P.O. Box 652
         Pleasant Grove, CA  95668
    c. Request a printed copy of the Adoption Questionnaire from Brian
        Foran at 916-655-3125 or Then, complete
        the questionnaire and mail it to the address above. 

  4. Once I review your questionnaire, I will call or e-mail you to further discuss the dog. If I feel that you are a good match for the dog, I will set up a home check. Please allow several days for me to review your questionnaire, as I do not go online every day and have many dogs to take care of in addition to maintaining my Website and replying to e-mail messages. The primary purpose of the home check is to ensure that the yard has a secure fence and no hazards for the dog(s).  

  5. If you have already seen the dog that you want to adopt, and I have determined that you will be able to provide a safe and secure environment for your new dog, you are welcome to adopt the dog that I've "pre-approved" you for. 

    If you have yet to see the dog that you want to adopt, that is the next step. Ideally, I would like to bring the dog(s) that you want to adopt to you so that I can see how the dog(s) responds in your home environment. However, if you live a good distance from my rescue facility in Pleasant Grove, I will likely ask that you drive to the rescue facility to see the dog(s) before your home check, or to adopt the dog here after your home check.  

  6. I will ask that you sign my Adoption Contract. Please read this contract ahead of time so you understand my expectations of those who adopt dogs through my program, and my commitments to adopters.   

If you find that the German Shepherd you adopt from GSRSV does not work out, you can return it to GSRSV at any point during the dog's life. (If you return the dog within two weeks of adoption, I will refund your entire adoption fee.) This arrangement protects both the adopter and the dog--I want to make sure that my rescued dogs go to a home where both the owner and the dog are happy!


  Effective 2-1-2023, prices for each age group increased by $40. I hate to add to the inflation snowball, but veterinary costs--in particular, spay/neuter costs--have increased dramatically since 2020.

Adoption fees include the cost of spaying or neutering the dog, rabies and DHPP (distemper/parvo) vaccinations, heartworm test, a 6-month supply of heartworm preventative, and a microchip. 

Age of Dog Adoption Fee
Under 6 months $400
6 months- 1 yr  $350 
1 yr -- 3 yrs $300
4 yrs -- 6 yrs $250
7 yrs -- 9 yrs $200
10 yrs and older $150


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