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The following dogs are available for adoption from the GSRSV rescue facility, foster caretakers, and owners working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at 
916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as a Program Dog." This means that the dog is still in the custody of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back guarantee and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified January 17, 2017.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.  

This page was last modified 01/17/17.

Kira--click for larger image.

Kalie--click for larger image.

Kira--click for larger image.

Kalie--click for larger image.

"Kira" & "Kalie" are a mother/daughter pair who are both very sweet, affectionate, and well-behaved-- both inside and out. Kira (the mother) is a 6-yo spayed female purebred GSD; Kalie is a 5-yo spayed female GSD mix (appears to mixed w/ a hound of some kind).

Both Kira and Kalie love people and are great w/ strangers. They are exceptionally gentle with their foster caretaker’s two young daughters (5 & 2), as you can see from the pictures here. (Click here for an additional picture of Kira & Kalie w/ the girls.) They take treats from hands gently and are not possessive of food or objects.

Kalie seems to be fine w/ other dogs, but Kira not so much. It could be that Kira acts protectively over Kalie, but it’s also likely that she has not had much socialization around other dogs. Their foster caretakers have two other dogs, but they keep them separated because of Kira’s reactiveness towards them.

Both Kira or Kalie are good with cats, so we will consider a home or homes with cats for both dogs. (Original post mistakenly stated that the dogs are not good w/ cats.)

Both Kira and Kalie have great house manners and love being inside with their people. They both like laying on the couch with the two young girls or on the floor near their foster “dad” when he works in his office. They usually sleep on the couch in the spare bedroom.

Kira and Kalie are fine when left outside—no excessive barking or digging issues. Both Kira & Kalie walk well on leash and obey basic commands. Both dogs are good passengers in a car.

Kira & Kalie belonged to a man named Stevie who lived in rural Oakhurst, just outside of Yosemite Natl Park. Stevie got Kira when she was just a pup. She gave birth to Kalie a year later, and they have been together ever since.

Stevie became very ill and passed away on Nov 12, 2016. Kira & Kalie were taken to the animal shelter in San Francisco. The two dogs did not do well in the shelter, and on Dec 17, GSRSV received a request from Sonnet, a friend of Stevie’s best friend Michelle, to rescue Kira & Kalie. Michelle had been networking to promote Kira & Kalie's  adoptions from the shelter.

GSRSV rescued Kira & Kalie on 12-23-16, and Michelle & Sonnet brought the two dogs to a foster home in Danville, where they are happily residing now.

Kira & Kalie are available for adoption separately, but it would be nice if they could stay together. Separately, Kira’s adoption fee is $210 and Kalie’s is $160. However, if the two dogs are adopted together, their adoption fee is still only $210.

Posted 1-16-17

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"Apollo" is a 6-yo (7 yrs in Feb 2017) neutered male White Germans Shepherd who is very playful, affectionate and protective. Apollo weighs about 110 lbs, which is about 15-20 lbs overweight. Apollo is very people-oriented and craves attention. He is fine with strangers at home when properly introduced, and is OK with strangers in neutral settings--though can be reactive towards some people when on leash. He is OK with very young children and lives with a 2½-yo and an 11-mos old baby, but he's toy-obsessed and will grab toys or balls from the kids hands--the primary reason that he is up for adoption.

Apollo is fine with other dogs when off-leash, and does well with the 8-9 yo male Great Dane he lives with. However, when Apollo sees other dogs while walking on leash, he gets extremely agitated: barking, lunging and snapping. If he's far enough away from other dogs he does not exhibit the reactive behavior at all. He "fence fights" with the neighbor's dog, and again gets worked up into a snapping fit.

On the other hand, Apollo is absolutely fine with other dogs in an off-leash setting such as GSRSV's rescue ranch. GSRSV is presently boarding Apollo (until Jan. 4), and he has shown no aggression whatsoever towards the dogs here. In fact, he's not particularly interested in other dogs--again, Apollo is very people-oriented, which is the motivation behind his reactive on-leash behavior: he is in protection mode.

Apollo has not been around cats, so we will only conisder a home without cats for him.

Apollo is fully housetrained and used to be indoors primarily. Once his owners' first baby was old enough to start handling objects and toys and Apollo began to take them out of his hand, the owners relegated him to outside the house (with access to the garage).

Apollo's owners took him through three multi-session training courses to try to help him overcome his on-leash reactivity. Though it helped, walking Apollo is still a challenge. Consequently, Apollo's owners rarely walk him now, which explains why he's so overweight. Apollo walks OK when he does not see another dog or a person. His owners have used a prong collar when walking him since his early training sessions. He rides fine in a vehicle and enjoys the rides.

Apollo loves to play fetch, and is good about returning the ball or other object to you and dropping it. Apollo also loves anything water, and is an avid swimmer. (Click here for a video of Apollo fetching a stick in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.)

Apollo's owners purchased him as a 6-wk old puppy prior to having children. They are very attached to him, but they know it's not fair keeping him outside and rarely walking him. They are seeking a new home for Apollo in which his people are willing to avoid other dogs when walking him (again, he does OK at a distance). Apollo would do great in a rural setting where he can be walked safely off-leash, or a fenced property with acreage in which Apollo can be exercised without concern of encountering other dogs or people. A home without young children will be best due to Apollo's toy-grabbing tendency.

GSRSV has evaluated Apollo and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Apollo through its adoption program while his caregiver continues to care for him.

Apollo is located in Granite Bay. His adoption fee is $160.

Posted 12-27-16

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"Mya" is a beautiful 1½-yo spayed female GSD (born 4-4-15) who is very friendly, energetic, and a bit hard-headed. Mya bonds easily to her person, and is quite the "Velcro" dog, following her female owner from room to room. She is very comfortable being handled--she loves to be brushed and even likes to be bathed!

Mya is good with strangers, including young children--she has done very well w/ the neighborhood kids and children who approach her at the park. Mya is more of a social butterfly than a watchdog. Mya weighs approx 60 lbs, and is still filling out. Her optimal weight when full grown will likely be 65-70 lbs.

Mya is OK with other dogs, but lacks socialization and interacts with some dogs in ways that they might take exception to. For example, she would "herd" one of my dogs when he was chasing a tennis ball and playfully bit him on the back of the neck. The other dog didn't mind Mya's behavior, being used to such shenanigans, but other dogs might very well object. Also, she picked on the most submissive of the GSRSV dogs, and would continue to pursue her (not aggressively, but definitely dominantly) even with me chasing after her telling her "no." So, Mya needs an owner who is familiar with these typical GSD behaviors and who is willing and determined enough to help her become more polite with other dogs.

Mya is definitely NOT good with cats, which is one of the reasons that her owner is seeking a new home for her.

Mya is housetrained and is well behaved inside. Her person keeps her outside when she is gone, and Mya apparently does not bark excessively nor does she dig or try to get out of the yard. She sleeps in a crate at night so that her person's cat can have the run of the house without being terrified.

Mya walks fine on leash, but her person does use a prong collar to maintain control. Mya obeys a few basic commands, but is still low on the learning curve. As mentioned, she is somewhat hard-headed and easily distracted. A formal obedience training course will do Mya a world of good, and will help her next adopter establish a solid relationship with her. 

Mya's present owner adopted her from the Stockton animal shelter on 9-14-16. Mya's previous owner surrendered her to the shelter (for reasons unknown), which is how her birth date is known. Mya's present owner was not quite prepared for the "neediness" of a young GSD, and of course has been discouraged by Mya's prey drive towards her cat. Further, she has taken on a new job that allows for even less time to work with Mya. Not wanting to return her to the shelter, she sought GSRSV's assistance in finding Mya a new home.

GSRSV has evaluated Mya and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Mya through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her.

Mya is located in Stockton. Her adoption fee is $260.

Posted 10-27-16

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"Nar" is a large, handsome 8-yo (born 7-13-08) neutered male GSD who is very friendly with both adults and children. Nar is surprisingly good with other dogs, given that he has not been socialized with many dogs during his life.  Nar has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for him. Nar weighs approx 80 lbs.

Nar had lived outdoors his entire life before GSRSV took him in in July 2015. He does occasionally come inside now, but still prefers to be outside. Nar is good on a leash, but his former owners lived on over an acre and rarely took him off the property, so they didn't often put a leash on him. The same is true now that Nar is at GSRSV's facility.

Nar loves to play fetch and to splash around in sprinklers. 

Nar is very bonded with his companion dog "Ruby", also listed on this page, who he has been with since he was a little puppy. For this reason, Nar can only be adopted together with Ruby.

Nar's former owners purchased him from a breeder when he was about 8 wks old, and had him up until July 2015 when they moved out of the country and GSRSV took him and Ruby in at its facility in Pleasant Grove.

Nar's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 10-1-16

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"Phoenix" is a handsome 5-yo neutered male GSD who is affectionate and well mannered (for the most part). Phoenix is very friendly with strangers and good with children. In fact, he is not much of a watchdog, as he does not generally alarm bark at outside noises. Phoenix is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Phoenix is good with medium and larger dogs, but is very predatory towards small dogs. If he sees a small dog when he's off leash, he will charge toward it and likely attack it. Phoenix used to be a regular visitor to the dog park and interacted fine with other dogs there. However, after attacking a small dog in front of his house, his foster caretaker no longer brings Phoenix to the dog park for fear that Phoenix might go after a small dog there. Because of Phoenix's strong prey drive, we will not consider a home with cats for him, either. Phoenix is solidly-built and weighs about 70 lbs.

Phoenix is very people-oriented and always wants to be by his person. He is fully housetrained and can remain inside the house alone for 8 hours without any problems. He does not counter surf and has never tried to eat food left on the dinner table.

Phoenix generally walks easy on leash, but he does pull strongly when he sees other dogs--small or large. He is a good jogging partner and runs alongside his foster caretaker approx 15 miles each week. Phoenix loves to go for car rides and is a  perfect passenger.

Phoenix loves to fetch tennis balls, and drops the ball at your foot perfectly every time. He will play this game for 20 minutes non-stop! Whoever adopts Phoenix will be well-rewarded by a dog who will show unconditional love and devotion. However, caution must always be employed to ensure that Phoenix does not go after a small dog.

GSRSV rescued Phoenix from the Oakland shelter in July 2014. Phoenix's adoption fee is $210, which includes a microchip.

Posted 7-30-14; updated 2-20-16; updated 6-4-16

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"Riley" is a 3 yo, approx 55 lb (perhaps 10 lb underweight) neutered male longcoat GSD who is affectionate, mellow (for the most part) and somewhat of an airhead. Riley loves attention and often puts his head in the lap of his foster caretaker Andrew to be rubbed on, but he’s not a “Velcro” dog that needs to be by his person all the time. Riley loves to meet new people and warms up very quickly. Andrew has not observed Riley with young children but feels that given his gently demeanor, he will be very good with them. Riley has shown no aggression when Andrew dips his hand in his food bowl (though he will growl at another dog approaching him when he’s eating).

 Riley lives with a female GSD (Reina) and gets along great with her. Riley and Reina will occasionally race around the house playing chase. Before Riley was brought to his foster home, he was at GSRSV’s rescue ranch for six days, and did quite well after the first day (when he was acting like a dork). Andrew has taken Riley to the dog park, and though Riley is not overtly aggressive towards other dogs, he can be overbearing on some dogs (as he was with two little dogs). Riley will likely be fine in a home with another dog or dogs, but will need more socialization and leadership to become a “canine good citizen” with dogs he meets outside of his home.

 Riley is fully housetrained, but Andrew does keep him outside (with access to the garage) when he’s gone. Riley’s only rough point inside is that he occasionally counter-surfs, but that behavior is continuing to subside. He likes to nap on the couch or lay next to Andrew when he’s watching TV, so if there is a strict “no dogs on furniture” rule in his next home, Riley will need to learn that rule.  Andrew plans to allow Riley access to the house when he’s gone in the near future.

 Riley obeys the “sit” and “stay” commands, but he is no obedience star. Though he seems motivated to learn new commands, his attention wanes pretty quickly. Riley is more of a happy-go-lucky GSD than a classic, serious, alert GSD. (This seems to be the case with many of the longcoat GSDs.)

 Riley likes to go on walks, but is not a marathon dog by any means—he starts to lose stamina at around a mile. Overall, Riley walks well on leash--he generally pulls a little bit at the start of his walks but settles in quickly. Riley will bark and pull when he sees other dogs during his walks, so he still needs work in this area. Riley’s off-leash recall is not all that great, though he’s not a runaway dog, either.

 Riley alarm-barks appropriately when people are at the door, but is not a nuisance barker. When left alone outside (even before he was joined by Reina) Andrew’s neighbors did not report any excessive barking from Riley.

 Riley will fit well into a family that is seeking a fun-loving, low-maintenance GSD who enjoys hanging out with his people and going places with them. As a bonus,  Riley--like all true longcoat GSDs--does not shed nearly as much as a normal coat GSD, because he lacks an undercoat.  

GSRSV rescued Riley from the Stanislaus County Shelter on 8-8-16. He is in a foster home in Bay Point, along Hwy 4 between Antioch and Concord. Riley's adoption fee is $260.

Posted 9-8-16

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"Ruby" is a 12-yo (born March 2004) spayed female GSD who is sweet, mellow, and rather shy. Ruby is friendly with everyone, including young children. She is fine with other dogs, though she pretty much interacts with only one other dog, "Nar" (see elsewhere on this page). She has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for her. Ruby is a big dog, and weighs approx 75 lbs. 

Ruby is in very good health, and has no noticeable arthritis. Her hips are sound and she moves with a nice, fluid motion. (Click here for a short video of Ruby running.) Her teeth look great for a dog her age. 

Ruby lived outdoors her entire life with her former owners. Though she is allowed to come inside at GSRSV's facility, she still chooses to remain outside--no matter what the weather. She received basic obedience training when she was younger, but has not needed any follow-up training. Ruby is good on a leash, but her former owners lived on over an acre and rarely took her off the property, so they rarely needed to put a leash on her. The same is true with Ruby at GSRSV's property.

Ruby loves water, whether it's swimming, playing in the sprinklers, splashing in a kiddy pool, or just dunking her face into a bucket of water. 

Ruby is very bonded with her companion dog "Nar", also listed on this page, so can only be adopted together with Nar.  

Ruby's owners purchased her from a breeder when she was about 8 wks old, and had her up until July 2015, when they moved out of the country and GSRSV took her and Nar in at its facility in Pleasant Grove.

Ruby's adoption fee is $125.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 2-9-16

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"Sadie E" is a 9-10 yo spayed female GSD mix who is very sweet and easy-going. She's in great shape for a dog her age: no mobility issues, jumps into the back of a Subaru Forester without a running start, and her teeth look very good.

Sadie is great with people of all ages, including infants. (She lives w/ a 2-yo child who climbs all over her.) She's outgoing and friendly.

Sadie is fine w/ other dogs for the most part, though she's not particularly playful--she much prefers the company of people. She can be reactive towards other dogs when she's on leash, depending on the other dog's reaction to her. Sadie behaved perfectly with several dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch during her off-leash evaluation (click here for a video).

Sadie has never lived with cats and does pull towards them when on walks, so we will only consider a home without cats for her.

Sadie is a house dog and is fine left inside when her people are gone for several hours. She walks well on a leash, except (as previously noted) when she sees another dog who is reactive towards her. She if fine off-leash and does not wander far at all. She rides well in a car and has been on lots of long trips.

Sadie isn't big on playing with toys or fetching, but she will chase after other dogs who chase after a ball. She likes wading into lakes or rivers, but is not a swimmer. What she does like is to just hang out with her people on the couch and take treats!

Sadie's male owner Matt adopted her from the Sacto SPCA when she was about 1 yr old. When he joined his wife, they paired up Sadie and his wife's now 12-yo female Dalmatian mix Bridget. Sadie and Bridget never really cared for each other, and would get into occasional spats. Over the last year, however, the conflicts have increased in both frequency and intensity, forcing Matt and his wife to separate Sadie and Bridget for the most part. Further, with their two-year old child and another baby on the way, they have legitimate concerns about one of the kids getting caught in the middle of a scuffle between Sadie and Bridget. So, sadly, Matt is seeking a new home for Sadie (who apparently instigates most of the conflicts.)

GSRSV has evaluated Sadie E and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Sadie E through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.  Sadie E's adoption fee is $85.

Posted 9-4-16

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Adoption Pending!

"Shelby" is an adorable 6-mos old, approx 50-lb spayed female Golden Retriever/GSD mix with a sweet, friendly-with-everyone Golden Retriever personality. Shelby greets strangers with a tail wag and is outgoing. Tough she has not been around children with her present caretakers, there's no doubt in my mind that she'll be great with kids.

Shelby is great with other dogs, and presently lives w/ a 6-yo female Golden Retriever/Yellow Lab mix who she's gets along very well with. She was quite friendly with several of the dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch (click here for video. Note: Shelby is limping slightly in the video because she tweaked her leg slightly chasing birds. She was fine about 30 minutes later.)

Unfortunately, Shelby is not good with cats, which is the only reason that she is on this Website for adoption. Shelby lives in a house w/ three cats, and though she was originally OK w/ them, one of the cats swatted her on the nose and now she is chasing after the cats every chance she gets, with pretty serious intent.

Shelby is housetrained and well behaved inside when supervised. Due to her young age and puppy energy, her caretakers keep her outside when they are gone (with no barking or digging problems). Shelby sleeps in a crate at night so that the cats can have the run of the house.

Shelby walks great on a leash, especially for such a young dog. She actually heels on leash and sits on command. She also obeys a few other commands, including lay down and shake. Shelby enjoys going for car rides and is a good passenger.

Shelby loves to swim and to play fetch. She actually drops the ball without a prompt upon returning it.

Shelby's caretakers took her in from a young friend of their daughter's in mid-December 2016 because he lives in a condo and "didn't know what he was thinking" when he adopted Shelby from a private party via Craigslist. Again, Shelby is a great dog but is menacing her caretakers' cats now and they don't want to take a chance of her hurting them--or worse.

GSRSV has evaluated Shelby and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Shelby through its adoption program while her caretakers continue to care for her.

Shelby is located in Carmichael. Her adoption fee is $260.

Posted 1-6-17

Click for larger image.

"Tazz" is a 2-3 yo neutered male longcoated GSD mix who is  very affectionate, playful and energetic. Tazz is friendly with everyone he meets. He has not been around young kids since we rescued him, but I have no doubt he will be great w/ little ones--though he might knock them over in his exuberance. Tazz loves to give kisses so if this grosses you out, keep looking! Tazz weighs about 55 lbs.

Tazz is great w/ other dogs, male or female, small or large. He formerly lived w/ a large male GSD who he got along well with, and presently lives w/ a male GSD mix about the same age as him--the two are good buds.  

We don't know how Tazz is w/ cats, so for now we will only consider a home without cats for him.

Tazz is fully housetrained and loves being inside. He is non-destructive when left inside for several hours. Tazz could definitely use w/ some basic obedience training, as he tends to run off to explore (though not very far) if he gets outside off-leash. When on-leash, Tazz tends to pull a little but he's not a particularly strong dog so doesn't pose much of a challenge. Tazz is not the protective type but he will bark when he senses something out of the norm. He enjoys going for car rides and is a great co-pilot.

One of GSRSV's foster caretakers took Tazz in from a neglectful (though not physically abusive) situation on 11-20-16. Tazz's former owner adopted him from the Sac County shelter on 8-13-15. Tazz was kept in a filthy dog run w/ another GSD and rarely walked. His long coat was so badly matted that we had to have it completely shaved by a groomer; it's still growing back. (Click here for a picture of Tazz pre-shaved--he has a beautiful long coat.) Tazz was also seriously underweight, which explains his eagerness when it comes to eating. (We suggest keeping food out of reach.) 

Tazz would do well in a home with another playful dog and an active family. He is still in his foster home in Antelope. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 1-8-17

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"Toby" is a handsome 3-yo (born Nov 2013), 75-lb neutered GSD/White Husky mix who is very playful and affectionate. Toby can also be nippy with strangers in the house—not out of aggression, but in a mischievous, opportunistic manner.

Toby is great with those in his family—he craves attention and wants to be as close as possible—including in your lap if you allow it. He’s fine in the house with visitors who he is familiar with, and with those comfortable with dogs. However, when he senses fear from a visitor, he will bark at them in a somewhat menacing manner. Toby will also playfully nip strangers who play with him when they stop and turn around; it's as if he's saying "I’m in charge and I’m not going to let you stop!" The nips are never serious, but obviously unsettling to the person who got nipped as well as to Toby’s owners. Toby’s owners admit that they don’t have the necessary discipline skills to curb Toby’s nipping behavior, and I believe that an individual with a strong alpha presence would be able to prevent this behavior altogether.

Toby has not been around young children due to his nipping behavior and his size & exuberance. Personally, I think that Toby would be great with kids.

Toby is generally fine with strangers away from the house. He was completely fine with me when I evaluated him at the GSRSV rescue ranch, though he did take awhile to come to me so I could pet him.

Toby is great with other dogs—very playful and somewhat submissive. He likes to be chased rather than to give chase. He presently lives with a 5-yo female Golden Retriever. Click here to see a video of Toby romping around w/ several of the GSRSV dogs.

Toby appears to be fine with cats as well. His present owners have an outdoor cat that Toby mostly ignores. The cat trusts Toby enough to allow him to come nose-to-nose with it.

Toby is housetrained and well behaved inside. He can be left inside all day without any problem, though he does have access to the outside via a dog door. He enjoys hanging out on the couch with his people and watching TV. He sleeps on a loveseat in his owner's bedroom.

Toby has received formal obedience training and obeys multiple commands, including sit, stay, down, shake and sit pretty. He is good on leash and has good off-leash recall as well. He’s a good long-distance traveler in the car.

Toby loves to play fetch. He’s a big goofball who exhibits silly Husky behaviors like howling and catching flies.

Toby’s owners purchased him at 8 wks from a family who had both parents—his mother was a black/tan GSD and his father was a White Husky. His family truly loves this dog, but they are very social with lots of visitors and Toby’s unpredictable behavior w/ strangers in the house has created a dilemma. Further, they like to travel a lot and boarding Toby has become rather expensive. They feel that another family with more confidence dealing w/ Toby’s nipping behavior and less time traveling would provide a better home for him.

GSRSV has evaluated Toby and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Toby through its adoption program while his owners continue to care for him.

Toby is located in Pleasanton. His adoption fee is $210.

Posted 11-22-16

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OK with Cats!
is a loveable, energetic, 60 lb 5-yo spayed female Terrier/GSD mix with lots of personality. Zoe is friendly with strangers, but is also a good watchdog. (She barks at people who enter the home, but does not approach them aggressively.) Zoe is fine with children, but nervous around toddlers, so no kids under 4 yrs for Zoe.

Zoe is great with other dogs for the most part, but can be somewhat bossy with alpha female dogs, so it's best that Zoe be paired with a male dog. She is presently living with a male Pit Bull mix that she plays with constantly--and plays hard! Zoe is good with small dogs and spent a good amount of time in the same house as a small dog who she let boss her around. Zoe is good at the dog park.

Contrary to Zoe's previous Web profile, she is marginally OK with cats! She was in a foster home with cats for three weeks early 2016 while she was recovering from knee surgery, and her foster caretaker at the time often had Zoe around her cats without a problem. Now, Zoe is back at her regular foster home, where Zoe does fine around the two resident cats when they are inside. Once the cats go outside, it’s a different story: Zoe will corner them and bark at them, though that is the extent of her harassment. Regina, Zoe's foster caretaker, thinks she would do fine with a dog savvy indoor cat. Though Zoe might be somewhat annoying to a cat, she has given us no reason to believe that she'd hurt one.

On the other hand, Zoe does has a very strong prey drive and loves to chase after squirrels, birds, and other outdoor critters. 

Zoe is great in the house and exhibits no separation anxiety when left alone. (She was previously an only dog in an apartment, in which she was left for several hours each day by herself.) She is fine on leash, but does pull hard when she sees a cat or squirrel.

Zoe is a quick learner and obeys numerous commands. She is even trained to relieve herself on command! She has good recall off-leash, unless she's spotted a small critter to chase. 

Zoe loves to play fetch w/ a ball or Frisbee and to play chase in an open field. More than anything, she loves to swim and to snap at the water stream from a hose. (Click here for a video of Zoe swimming in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.) 

GSRSV originally rescued Zoe in April 2012 from a woman who could no longer keep her due to a forced move from her home. Zoe was adopted by a young couple in Nov 2013. The couple had to return Zoe in Nov 2015 due to a death in the family and a subsequent move into the house of one of the parents. 

Zoe is presently in a foster home in East Sacramento. Her adoption fee is $175, which includes a microchip.

Posted 12-7-15; updated 7-11-16

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Adopted 1-14-17!

"Elise" is a friendly, energetic 1-yo, approx 60-lb spayed female GSD.  Elise is outgoing and comfortable with strangers; her only fault w/ people is that sometimes she greets them by jumping up on them. Elise is great with children; she has visited a nearby preschool and was fine with the youngsters petting her.

Elise is fine with most dogs, but she did not do well with a small female dog in a prospective adopter's home she recently stayed in for a few days--she wanted to play non-stop w/ the little dog and would persist even when the little dog had enough, leading to confrontations. When I met Elise at GSRSV's rescue ranch on Dec 4, she did great w/ the dogs she met there and was actually on the timid side. (Click here for a video of that meeting.)

Elise might be OK w/ cats, as a cat used to occasionally come into her former owner's yard with Elise out there, and though Elise chased after the cat it would come back and let Elise chase it again. That was a pretty sure sign that the cat sensed Elise meant it no harm. I will consider a home w/ a dog-savvy cat for Elise, but only if that home also has another dog for her to burn off energy with.

Elise is housetrained, even though her former owner mainly kept her outside when he was home. In the three days she spent in her prospective adopter's house, she did not have any accidents inside.

Elise received six 1-hr training sessions when she was younger. Elise heals well on leash and has excellent off-leash recall.

Elise loves water (she liked to swim in her former owner's pool), and loves to play fetch w/ a ball.

Elise's former owner purchased her as a 6-wk old puppy from a private party. He had to seek a new home for her because he moved into an apartment just before Christmas that does not allow dogs.

Elise went to a prospective adopter's home in West Sacramento on Dec 24, but as stated previously, there were problems between Elise and their little female dog. So, GSRSV took Elise in on Dec 27.

Elise's adoption fee is $260.

Posted 12-6-16; updated 12-26-16

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Adopted 1-14-17!

"Leia" is a beautiful, large, 8½-yo (born
4-6-2008) spayed female GSD who is very sweet but also protective of her people. Leia is friendly with strangers when properly introduced, but alarm-barks appropriately when people are at the door. She is great with kids of all ages, and genuinely likes being around them. She doesn’t mind being tugged on and is very attentive when children are swimming. Leia weighs nearly 100 lbs, but is clearly overweight and needs to lose at least 20 lbs to remain healthy and active into her golden years. Her excess weight is likely due to a lack of exercise.

Leia is somewhat of an alpha dog and occasionally will nip at another dog when first introduced. She does like to play with other dogs, but plays hard. She does better with other dogs when off-leash than on. She is good with little dogs and is also good with cats!

Leia is a housedog and regularly spends up to nine hours inside without any problem. She likes to sleep on the couch, so couch covers are in order for her next home!

Leia received formal obedience training when she was under one year old, but has not received any formal training since then. She walks well on a leash, but will pull if she sees another dog who gets excited.

Leia will fetch a tennis ball or Frisbee, but most of the time she only wants you to throw the ball once and then will run around with it and lay down somewhere comfy. She likes stuffed toys and tennis balls with squeakers.

Leia was reportedly purchased as a puppy by a police officer who was training her to be a K9. He died suddenly, and Leia was passed around his family but nobody really wanted a dog that big. She ended up in a place where she was being kept tied up, and so Leia’s present owner Rachiel took her in at about one yr old.

Rachiel is seeking a new home for Leia due primarily to financial hardship, as well as not having the time to devote to Leia that she deserves. A GSRSV foster caretaker evaluated Leia on Sept 30, and GSRSV is now placing Leia as a "Program Dog."
This means that GSRSV is placing Leia through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.

Leia is located in Paradise, CA. Her adoption fee is $160.

Posted 10-7-16

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Adopted 1-12-17!

"Bear" is an approx 5-yo, approx 60-lb neutered male longcoat GSD/Chow/?? mix who is very affectionate and people-oriented. Bear gets along very well with people, including young children. Bear's caretaker brought him to her granddaughter's softball game where he did well being petted by the children there, and he does well w/ her 6-yo grandson. Bear loves to be handled. 

Bear is good w/ other dogs for the most part. He was formerly in a home w/ five small dogs, and did well w/ all of them. Bear also did very well w/ several dogs he met at GSRSV's rescue ranch (click here to see video). On the other hand, Bear has exhibited a little alpha behavior at the dog park recently, acting as a "referee" when other dogs are playing and intervening in a not-too-polite manner. Bear is a little hard-headed (Chow trait), so will need an owner who has at least a little alpha him/herself to keep Bear in line.

Bear has not been around cats, but does not get worked up when he sees them on walks (as long as they don't run). So, we might consider Bear for a home w/ a dog-savvy cat.

Bear is very much an indoor dog, and is perfectly behaved when left inside unattended for hours. He has never had an "accident" inside.

Bear walks OK on leash w/ the help of a harness, though he does pull hard at times. His off-leash recall is not all that good--if he gets out the front door he will take off, but only goes for a few houses to check out the smells. Bear likes to go for car rides and is a good passenger.

Bear's story is another in a long line of heartbreakers. Bear belonged to a woman in Arizona who passed away. The woman's sister here in the Sacramento area took Bear into her home. However, the sister already had five small dogs and taking on Bear was just too much. Barbara, a co-worker of the sister, took Bear into her home in Sept. Though Bear has done well in her home, Barbara is now having to tend to her father who was recently moved to a convalescent home. She barely finds the time to even walk Bear any more. So, she is seeking a new home for Bear in which his people have more time to spend with him.

GSRSV has evaluated Bear and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Bear through its adoption program while his caregiver continues to care for him.

Bear is located in Antelope. His adoption fee is $160.

 Posted 12-24-16

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Adopted 1-9-17!

"Koda" is an easy-going, 3-yo, approx 80-lb neutered male GSD with a wonderful temperament. Koda is what I call an "easy" GSD, one that could fit into almost any home--unless one was seeking a stoic, extremely protective dog!

Koda is friendly with everyone he meets, including children of all ages. He presently lives with (and is very tolerant of) a 5-mos old baby, and does well w/ the two toddlers belonging to his owner's sister. Koda is very affectionate and loves to be handled.

Koda is fine with other dogs, and somewhat on the submissive side. He formerly lived with a Chihuahua, and was very good with it. Koda is a regular dog park visitor, but is not particularly playful with other dogs--he mainly keeps to himself. Koda was fine around the several dogs he met at GSRSV's rescue ranch--not too fearful and never aggressive. (Click here for short video.)

Here's a big plus for you cat-lovers: Koda loves the cat he lives with and often plays with it. Needless to say, a home w/ cats is welcome for Koda. (See linked picture of Koda and his feline buddy.)

Koda received formal training when he was six months old, and responds well to basic commands. He walks fine on leash; he is wears a prong collar, as that what was recommended during his early training. He is mostly non-reactive towards other dogs and even cats when on walks. Koda has very good recall, unless he catches scent of a rabbit or squirrel--nothing unusual there.

Koda is housetrained and is non-destructive inside, even when left alone for over eight hours. Koda's owner kept him inside with the door closed for his first 2 yrs when she was at work with no problems; now, he has access to the outside when left alone. He is fine in a crate, but the only time his owner has crated him was at her parents' house, by their request. Koda is a great car traveler, and will remain in the back seat voluntarily.

 Koda likes to play fetch with balls, but is not obsessed w/ the game as are some GSDs. He's not a swimmer, but will wade in water up to his chest.

In summary, Koda is a highly adoptable dog who will fit into most any home. Why would anyone be giving up such a great dog? Not voluntarily! Koda's owner--who has had Koda since he was 5-wks old--recently lost her job, and being a single mom w/ a baby can no longer afford the rental house she is living in. She is moving in with her parents at the beginning of the year, and unfortunately they will not allow Koda to come along. To her great anguish, Koda's owner is seeking a new home for him prior to her move.

GSRSV has evaluated Koda and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Koda through its adoption program while his owner continues to care for him.

Koda is located near the old Mather AFB. His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 12-22-16

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Adopted 1-5-17!

"Ace" is a 5-6 yo neutered male GSD mix who is both mellow and playful. Ace is friendly with everyone he meets. He loves kids and is patient and gentle with them. (Click here for a video of Ace playing fetch w/ his foster caretaker’s grandsons.) He is mellow in the face of lots of commotion, so would do well in a multi-child household. Ace is affectionate (he loves belly rubs), but is not overly needy. He is content lying beside you if you’re working at a desk.

Ace is fine with other dogs and currently lives in harmony w/ two young male GSDs. He seems to prefer the company of people, though. We’re not sure how Ace is with cats, so our preference is to find a home w/out cats for him.

Ace is housetrained and very well behaved inside. He does not steal food, even if it’s at eye-level. He greets his people politely without jumping up on them or barking.

Ace loves to chase after balls, but prefers to play keep-away rather than bring them back for another toss. He loves squeaky toys and rolling in the grass. Ace also likes water, and will bite the water stream from a garden hose if directed at him. (Click here for a linked video.) In spite of his age, Ace often acts like a puppy in his playfulness.

GSRSV rescued Ace from the Stanislaus County Shelter on 10-19-16, where he had been brought as a stray on
10-3-16. He was immediately brought to his present foster home in Elk Grove. Ace’s adoption fee is $160.

Posted 11-7-16

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Adopted 12-16-16!

"Aristoo" (Ari) is a big (100-lb), handsome 15-mos old neutered male GSD with a great temperament but who is still a rambunctious, goofy puppy. Ari needs a person who is capable of handling Ari's considerable strength and energy and who has the time and patience to channel Ari's exuberance into positive behavior. Also, Ari needs an active home in which he will receive considerable exercise and hopefully outdoor, off-leash activities.

Ari is outgoing and friendly with strangers--far from the stoic, reserved stereotype of a GSD. Though he is not aggressive, he is intimidating merely from his size and deep bark. Click here for a video showing how friendly Ari was with Jenn, the woman who evaluated Ari for GSRSV in Redding on Nov. 5. Ari is fine with children, but he is so big without awareness of his own strength that we don't recommend he be paired with kids under the age of 10.

Ari is great with other dogs, including small dogs. Click here for a video showing Ari meeting a 4-mos old puppy during his evaluation. Ari presently lives with a 4-mos old female GSD who he is very affectionate with. Ari loves to play with other dogs and plays rough with lots of vocalization in the traditional GSD manner. He is actually on the submissive side and will seek the protection of his owner if another dog approaches him in an aggressive manner.

Ari has not been around cats, so we will only consider a home without cats for him.

Ari is housetrained and has never had an accident indoors. He sleeps uncrated, but sometimes chooses to rest in the open crate. He is well behaved inside for the most part, but does steal papers and tissue off the counter to eat them. He has been through several obedience training classes with his owner, but still jumps up on her when is excited and sometimes piddles out of excitement or fear. 

Ari pulls strong on leash so needs somebody strong enough to control him. However, he has good off-leash recall. He rides well in a car and remains calm when left alone in the car for extended periods of time.

Ari loves to play with balls and plush toys but destroys the latter.

Ari's owner purchased him at eight weeks of age. She is seeking a new home for Ari because he is simply too strong and strong-willed a dog for her to handle.

GSRSV has evaluated Ari and is and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Ari through its adoption program while his owner continues to care for him.

Ari is located in Shasta Lake, just north of Redding. His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 11-16-16.