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The following dogs are available for adoption from the GSRSV rescue facility, foster caretakers, and owners working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at  916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as a Program Dog.' This means that the dog is still in the custody of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back guarantee and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified July 24, 2016.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.  

This page was last modified 07/24/16.

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"Raisin!" This incredibly cute 8-9 mos old, approx 45-lb neutered male GSD mix is as fun and loveable as they come. Raisin is one of those dogs who is always happy and loves to play but is also quite well-mannered. Raisin loves people and he's a natural for kids, especially those old enough to play fetch with him and the like.

Raisin is wonderful with other dogs and loves to be chased. He is incredibly tolerant of abuse handed out by a couple of the GSRSV dogs who love to play with him--and take advantage of his submissiveness. He never retaliates, just lets out a yelp when he's had enough. I really prefer that Raisin go to a home w/ another relatively young, playful dog, but will consider the right one-dog home as well.

I don't know how Raisin is with cats, but this is one dog that I will consider for a home with a dog-savvy cat--as long as there is also a young dog for Raisin to play with so that Raisin doesn't overwhelm the cat with his playfulness.

Raisin is housetrained and has never had an accident inside my house here at GSRSV's rescue ranch. I've also never seen him chew anything that he shouldn't chew--he's just that well-behaved. Raisin will occasionally jump up on me when he's excited, but he seems to look at me first to see if it's OK (which it is, for me). Raisin is one smart cookie, so it will be easy to eliminate any jumping if that's in order.

Raisin's former owner apparently adopted him from the Stanislaus County shelter in Modesto on 2-3-16, then surrendered him back to the shelter on 5-16-16. Raisin's owner indicated on the surrender form that he jumps their fence, but Raisin has never even tried to get over the 5-ft backyard fence at GSRSV's rescue ranch. I can only surmise that Raisin was bored out of his mind being kept as an outside-only dog and was seeking some fun.

GSRSV rescued Raisin from the Modesto shelter on
5-31-16. His former owner had named him "Razor", but that didn't fit this sweet, soft-hearted dog at all--thus "Raisin." His adoption fee is $260.

Posted 7-19-16

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"Gelda" is an approx 5-6 yo (at time of posting) spayed female GSD mix who is mellow and affectionate. Gelda is friendly with strangers and loves to be held and petted. She is somewhat sensitive about being handled around her hips, so she would do best in a home without children under the age of 10. Gelda was fine w/ the numerous dogs at GSRSV’s rescue facility, but is very reactive towards other dogs when on leash. She also reacts strongly towards cats, squirrels, and pretty much any other animal. "No cats" is a given for Gelda's next home. Gelda is short and stocky, and weighs about 70 lbs. She has a soft, plush coat.  

Gelda is quiet in the house and has great manners as long as you set the rules. She is a fast learner, and within three days at her foster home she was respecting the invisible boundaries established for her. She obeys a few commands, and being food motivated can likely learn many more commands with a treat incentive. Gelda walks well on a leash, and promptly responds to "stop" and "heel" –except when she sees another dog or other animal. 

Gelda likes to play fetch, tug-of-war, and chew on squeaky toys. She is very content just hanging around with her person once she’s gone for a walk. Gelda is somewhat unsteady in her back end, but that doesn't slow her down on her walks around the hilly streets of San Carlos, where she is presently located.  

GSRSV rescued Gelda from the small shelter in rural Delano , CA, just north of Bakersfield, on March 1, 2013. Gelda had been at the shelter since December 19, 2013. Gelda's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 4-21-13

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"Kiedis" is a stunning, 5-yo (born April 2011) neutered male GS who is loyal, affectionate, intelligent and protective--a true GSD! Kiedis is fine with strangers on neutral ground, but in his former home he would sometimes bark menacingly at strangers in the house.  Kiedis will need an owner who is familiar with GSDs and conveys strong leadership to make sure that Keidis' protective instincts do not get out of hand.

Kiedis is great with other dogs, both large and small, and was a regular visitor to the dog park with his former owner. He was perfect around several dogs in his evaluation visit at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here for a very short video.) Kiedis has never been around cats, so I will only consider a home w/out cats for him.

Kiedis is housetrained, but his former owner Amy kept him outside for the most part over the last year after she had a baby.

Kiedis is clearly a very smart dog. He obeys basic commands quickly even though he never had formal obedience training. Kiedis loves to go on walks and is very good on leash--he is non-reactive towards other dogs that he sees.

Kiedis can be nervous in a vehicle, pacing and whining, but he does fine when secured by a short lead. Also, he settles down when the vehicle is on the freeway and not making periodic stops. I'm sure that Kiedis just needs a little more experience riding in a vehicle to show improvement in this area.

Kiedis' former owner Amy and her ex-husband purchased Kiedis from a breeder at about 8 wks old. Both of Kiedis' parents are AKC-registered, and their pedigree will be provided to Kiedis' adopter. Amy's ex-husband was more in charge of Kiedis than Amy was, but she ended up with the dog. Kiedis eventually started barking at Amy's baby through the sliding glass door, no doubt out of frustration at being kept outside. However, it made Amy nervous and she did not have much time to spend with Kiedis anyway. So, she sought GSRSV's assistance in finding Kiedis a new home.

GSRSV took Kiedis in at its rescue ranch on June 29. His adoption fee is $210.  

Posted 5-25-16; updated 7-1-16

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"Luna" is a 1-yo (born January 2015), approx 55-lb spayed female Dutch Shepherd/American Staffordshire Terrier who is playful, affectionate, and very athletic. Luna is super-friendly with people of all ages. She is good with children and has been living with a 9-yo and a 13-yo. She is fine w/ toddlers as well, and when settled down lets a 2-yo climb all over her. However, her high energy and youthful rambunctiousness does pose the risk of knocking over the little ones.

Luna is great with nearly all dogs, but she did go after a small dog in a dog park when it first came in. I believe that was incidental, as Luna was awesome with a 6-wk old GSD puppy at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click here to see a video of Luna playing with the pup)  She also does fine w/ her owner's stister's Boston Terrier. Luna had a ball playing w/ several dogs at the rescue ranch, and she would clearly do best in a home with another young, playful dog not much smaller than her.

Luna was raised from 4 months on with a cat, but wants to play with the cat like she does with a dog--which is clearly not what the cats wants. I will consider a home with a cat for Luna, but only if there is also a dog she can focus her playful energy on.

Luna is fully housetrained, though her owners keep her crated when they are gone to keep her from harassing their cat. Luna's owners keep her inside because she could easily jump their fence if she wanted to, and they feel that she just might since she's left alone for 6-7 hrs/day. Luna is non-destructive in the house, but she will chew up objects left outside, and occasionally digs a hole out of boredom.

Luna does like to pull when she is walked, so her owners use a "Gentle Leader" muzzle harness. She has an effortless gait, and would likely make a wonderful running partner. Luna obeys basic commands such as sit, down, come, and leave it, though she's not an obedience star. She did receive several weeks of obedience training when she was 6 months old and then again at 8-9 months old. Luna's main behavior that needs work is that she likes to jump up to greet people, and sometimes springs right up to give a kiss--bullet style. This is not a difficult behavior to modify, however.

Luna's owners adopted her from the Sac County shelter in May 2015. Though they love her, they are seeking to rehome her because they are moving to a house w/ a very small backyard, and worry that she's already not getting enough exercise from her daily walks and runs in their present large backyard. Also, they don't like to crate her for several hours.

GSRSV has evaluated Luna and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Luna through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.  Luna's adoption fee is $210, which includes a microchip. Luna is located in the Greenhaven area of Sacramento.

Posted 2-27-16  

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"Nar" is a large, handsome 7½-yo (born 7-13-08) neutered male GSD who is very friendly with both adults and children. Nar is surprisingly good with other dogs, given that he has not been socialized with many dogs during his life.  Nar has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for him. Nar weighs approx 80 lbs.

Nar had lived outdoors his entire life before GSRSV took him in in July 2015. He does occasionally come inside now, but still prefers to be outside. Nar is good on a leash, but his former owners lived on over an acre and rarely took him off the property, so they didn't often put a leash on him. The same is true now that Nar is at GSRSV's facility.

Nar loves to play fetch and to splash around in sprinklers. 

Nar is very bonded with his companion dog "Ruby", also listed on this page, who he has been with since he was a little puppy. For this reason, Nar can only be adopted together with Ruby.

Nar's former owners purchased him from a breeder when he was about 8 wks old, and had him up until July 2015 when they moved out of the country and GSRSV took him and Ruby in at its facility in Pleasant Grove.

Nar's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 2-9-16

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"Onyx" is an approx 1½-yo, approx 65-lb neutered male GSD who is very affectionate with people, well-behaved overall, but not good with other dogs. Onyx is friendly with strangers and has done well with children around 8-10 years old. Onyx would likely do well with even younger children, as he loves to be hugged and snuggled with. He still occasionally jumps up (gently) on people in his enthusiasm meeting them, which would of course scare very young children. However, that is not a difficult behavior to curb. 

As mentioned, Onyx is NOT good with other dogs. He attacked a dog at the dog park unprovoked, and did the same with two of the dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch. He is reactive towards other dogs when walking on leash, but his foster caretaker Andrew--an experienced dog trainer--has worked with him on this behavior and Onyx has made significant improvement. Onyx will now sit and stay quiet as long as the other dog stays about 15 ft away. However, if he is not given a command (sit, watch me, etc), he will still pull & bark. Onyx will need an owner strong enough to handle him when he gets agitated seeing another dog, and experienced enough to command Onyx's attention and respect. We do not know how Onyx is with cats, so I will only consider a home without cats for him. 

Onyx is housetrained and perfectly behaved when left inside alone (with access to outside), which Andrew now does routinely for approx 9 hrs/day when he's at work. Onyx is very good at basic commands (sit, lie down, stay) and will even perform these at the nearby park. Onyx walks easy on leash other than when he sees another dog. He rides well inside a car and likes to go for rides.

Onyx still likes to patrol Andrew's yard and bark when he hears somebody outside, but he quickly stops when Andrew tells him to. On the positive side, Onyx has a deep, formidable bark that will please those seeking a GSD "presence" to scare off bad guys.

Onyx has a thick, almost Nordic breed-like coat, so if you live in an area where it gets very hot in the summer it would be best to allow Onyx access to an air-conditioned house. Also, that coat of Onyx's produces a lot of loose fur, so if you are seeking a dog that does not shed much, please keep looking!

GSRSV rescued Onyx on 5-6-16 from the Stanislaus County Shelter in Modesto, where he was brought as a stray on 4-16-16. Onyx was brought directly to his foster home in Bay Point (between Pittsburgh and Concord along Hwy 4 near the Delta), where he is still located. Onyx's adoption fee is $260.

Posted 5-23-16; updated 7-4-16

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"Phoenix" is a handsome 5-yo neutered male GSD who is affectionate and well mannered (for the most part). Phoenix is very friendly with strangers and good with children. In fact, he is not much of a watchdog, as he does not generally alarm bark at outside noises. Phoenix is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Phoenix is good with medium and larger dogs, but is very predatory towards small dogs. If he sees a small dog when he's off leash, he will charge toward it and likely attack it. Phoenix used to be a regular visitor to the dog park and interacted fine with other dogs there. However, after attacking a small dog in front of his house, his foster caretaker no longer brings Phoenix to the dog park for fear that Phoenix might go after a small dog there. Because of Phoenix's strong prey drive, we will not consider a home with cats for him, either. Phoenix is solidly-built and weighs about 70 lbs.

Phoenix is very people-oriented and always wants to be by his person. He is fully housetrained and can remain inside the house alone for 8 hours without any problems. He does not counter surf and has never tried to eat food left on the dinner table.

Phoenix generally walks easy on leash, but he does pull strongly when he sees other dogs--small or large. He is a good jogging partner and runs alongside his foster caretaker approx 15 miles each week. Phoenix loves to go for car rides and is a  perfect passenger.

Phoenix loves to to fetch tennis balls, and drops the ball at your foot perfectly every time. He will play this game for 20 minutes non-stop! Whoever adopts Phoenix will be well-rewarded by a dog who will show unconditional love and devotion. However, caution must always be employed to ensure that Phoenix does not go after a small dog.

GSRSV rescued Phoenix from the Oakland shelter in July 2014. Phoenix's adoption fee is $210, which includes a microchip.

Posted 7-30-14; updated 2-20-16; updated 6-4-16

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"Raya" is a pretty 77-lb, 2-yo (born Jan 2014) spayed female GSD mix who is playful, affectionate and protective. Raya loves to be close to her person and give kisses. She is friendly with strangers though somewhat aloof at first, particularly towards men. Raya was raised in a home w/ two children ages 6 & 8 and did well with them. I have no doubt that Raya will be fine with younger children, too.

Raya is great with other dogs for the most part. She lives with a 1-yo female Boxer mix, a male Shiba Inu, and a 10-yo female Basset Hound. She plays constantly w/ the Boxer mix and gets along fine w/ the male Shiba Inu.  However, recently Raya began to fight with the Basset Hound (who was there first), which is the reason that Raya is now up for adoption. Therefore, Raya should not be placed in a home w/ an older or alpha female.

Raya is fine around livestock, having spent the last several months on a property with sheep and goats without incident. She does live with a couple of cats, but chases them any chance she gets, so a home without cats is in order for Raya.

Raya is housetrained and primarily kept inside, but she does get into mischief (counter surfing, clothes rummaging) if left inside without supervision. However, Raya has only been an indoor dog since November 2015, so she's still learning the ropes. Raya walks well enough on leash (with a choke chain) so that her petite female owner can handle her fine. She also has good recall off-leash.

Raya's owner Judy adopted her from a family in November 2015 who had raised Raya from a puppy. The family was seeking a new home for Raya because she was getting out of their yard (probably because she was being left alone outside). Judy is very bonded to
Raya, and it is very difficult for her to let Raya go. However, due to the conflict between her female Basset Hound and Raya she needs to rehome one of them, and she's had the Basset a lot longer than Raya.

GSRSV has evaluated Raya and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Raya through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.  Raya's adoption fee is $250, which includes a microchip. As of 4-26-16, Raya is located in Roseville.

Posted 4-3-16; updated 5-1-16

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"Ruby" is a 12-yo spayed female GSD who is sweet, mellow, and rather shy. Ruby is friendly with everyone, including young children. She is fine with other dogs, though she pretty much interacts with only one other dog, "Nar" (see elsewhere on this page). She has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for her. Ruby is a big dog, and weighs approx 75 lbs. 

Ruby is in very good health, and has no noticeable arthritis. Her hips are sound and she moves with a nice, fluid motion. (Click here for a short video of Ruby running.) Her teeth look great for a dog her age. 

Ruby lived outdoors her entire life with her former owners. Though she is allowed to come inside at GSRSV's facility, she still chooses to remain outside--no matter what the weather. She received basic obedience training when she was younger, but has not needed any follow-up training. Ruby is good on a leash, but her former owners lived on over an acre and rarely took her off the property, so they rarely needed to put a leash on her. The same is true with Ruby at GSRSV's property.

Ruby loves water, whether it's swimming, playing in the sprinklers, splashing in a kiddy pool, or just dunking her face into a bucket of water. 

Ruby is very bonded with her companion dog "Nar", also listed on this page, so can only be adopted together with Nar.  

Ruby's owners purchased her from a breeder when she was about 8 wks old, and had her up until July 2015, when they moved out of the country and GSRSV took her and Nar in at its facility in Pleasant Grove.

Ruby's adoption fee is $125.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 2-9-16

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"Samantha" is a pretty, 4-yo, 53-lb spayed female GSD who is very energetic and affectionate. Samantha (Sam) is  friendly with people once she gets to know them, but is a little nervous at first around strangers. She is great with children, and presently lives w/ kids ages one and four years old. Click here for a video of Sam running around in her backyard.

Sam is good with other dogs, both large and small. She presently lives with another GSD. Sam has never been around cats, so I will only consider a home without cats for her.

Sam has been raised as an outdoor-only dog. She has had very little training, but does obey simple command such as "sit" and "lay down." She also knows to sit and wait before she is fed.

Sam is always eager to go for runs & walks. She is fine on leash after initially pulling out of excitement. Her owner used to take Sam on 1½-mile bike rides, and she'd be going strong the entire way.

Sam's owner Virginia raised her from a puppy. She is seeking a new home for Sam because her job and two children have limited the time she has to spend with her.

Sam is one of those high-energy GSDs who is always on the move, and requires a home in which she will get lots of exercise and receive lots of attention.

GSRSV has evaluated Samantha and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Sam through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her. Sam's adoption fee is $210, which includes a microchip. Sam is located in Turlock.

Posted 7-1-16

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OK with Cats!
is a loveable, energetic, 60 lb 5-yo spayed female Terrier/GSD mix with lots of personality. Zoe is friendly with strangers, but is also a good watchdog. (She barks at people who enter the home, but does not approach them aggressively.) Zoe is fine with children, but nervous around toddlers, so no kids under 4 yrs for Zoe.

Zoe is great with other dogs for the most part, but can be somewhat bossy with alpha female dogs, so it's best that Zoe be paired with a male dog. She is presently living with a male Pit Bull mix that she plays with constantly--and plays hard! Zoe is good with small dogs and spent a good amount of time in the same house as a small dog who she let boss her around. Zoe is good at the dog park.

Contrary to Zoe's previous Web profile, she is marginally OK with cats! She was in a foster home with cats for three weeks early 2016 while she was recovering from knee surgery, and her foster caretaker at the time often had Zoe around her cats without a problem. Now, Zoe is back at her regular foster home, where Zoe does fine around the two resident cats when they are inside. Once the cats go outside, it’s a different story: Zoe will corner them and bark at them, though that is the extent of her harassment. Regina, Zoe's foster caretaker, thinks she would do fine with a dog savvy indoor cat. Though Zoe might be somewhat annoying to a cat, she has given us no reason to believe that she'd hurt one.

On the other hand, Zoe does has a very strong prey drive and loves to chase after squirrels, birds, and other outdoor critters. 

Zoe is great in the house and exhibits no separation anxiety when left alone. (She was previously an only dog in an apartment, in which she was left for several hours each day by herself.) She is fine on leash, but does pull hard when she sees a cat or squirrel.

Zoe is a quick learner and obeys numerous commands. She is even trained to relieve herself on command! She has good recall off-leash, unless she's spotted a small critter to chase. 

Zoe loves to play fetch w/ a ball or Frisbee and to play chase in an open field. More than anything, she loves to swim and to snap at the water stream from a hose. (Click here for a video of Zoe swimming in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch.) 

GSRSV originally rescued Zoe in April 2012 from a woman who could no longer keep her due to a forced move from her home. Zoe was adopted by a young couple in Nov 2013. The couple had to return Zoe in Nov 2015 due to a death in the family and a subsequent move into the house of one of the parents. 

Zoe is presently in a foster home in East Sacramento. Her adoption fee is $175, which includes a microchip.

Posted 12-7-15; updated 7-11-16

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Adopted 7-23-16!

"Rosie" is a spayed 3-yo female GSD (likely mixed with Husky) who is super-friendly, playful, and affectionate. Rosie loves people and is friendly with strangers right from the start. She has been around children as young as 8 yrs and did well with them, and will almost certainly do just as well with younger kids. She has no food-aggression and takes treats gently from hand. Rosie weighs about 65 lbs.

Rosie is great with other dogs for the most part, but will stand her ground if challenged by an aggressive or overly-dominant dog. She lives w/ an 8-yo male GSD mix and does great with him, playing all the time. She is a regular dog park visitor, and also did great w/ the several dogs she met at GSRSV's rescue ranch. (Click to see a short video.)

Rosie does NOT do well with cats, which is the very reason that she is up for adoption.

Rosie is housetrained enough to do her business outside, but gets into mischief if left alone inside the house. Her main misbehavior is chewing on furniture and books. She also will do a little counter surfing if there's something tempting to grab.

Rosie walks well on leash and is generally non-reactive towards other dogs. Rosie's off-leash recall is not great, but she did really well at the rescue ranch, coming from afar when called most of the time. The Husky in her makes her a little more independent-thinking than a purebred GSD.

Rosie likes going for car rides and rides calmly. She loves splashing in water and tearing up stuffed animals.

Rosie's owner Janell adopted her from the Yolo County Shelter in March 2016. Rosie was believed to be OK with cats, but that turned out not to be the case. Rosie chases Janell's cats whenever they run, and has shown signs that she'd like to take it to the next level. For this reason only, Janell is seeking a new home for Rosie.

GSRSV has evaluated Rosie and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Rosie through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her. Rosie's adoption fee is $210. Rosie D is located in West Sacramento.

Posted 7-2-16


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Adopted 7-14-16!

"Maxine" is a large (90 lb), beautiful 4½-yo spayed female GSD who is very affectionate, outgoing, and "alpha." Maxine is quite friendly with strangers, but is a good watchdog. She is great with kids, including young ones. She presently lives with kids 3, 5, 7 &11 yrs old, and does well with all of them.  

Maxine is an alpha dog and clearly wants to be the one in charge. She got along well with the many dogs she met at GSRSV's facility, but she did try to bully two of the oldest dogs. A quick "No!" was all it took for her to leave those dogs along. Maxine lives with a female dog who she occasionally quarrels with, but nothing major. I recommend that Maxine's next home be one with either no other dog or a large, confident male dog who won't elicit any bullying on Maxine's part. Maxine has never been around cats, so we will only consider a home without cats for her.

Maxine is well behaved, though she's had no formal training. She is housetrained, but is kept outside primarily. That will not be the case in her next home.  Maxine is fine left alone for several hours--no separation anxiety. However, Maxine is not too experienced riding in a car, and gets agitated and barks. She probably just needs to go on more car rides to fun places!

Maxine pulls somewhat on leash, but not so hard that her female owner can't handle her. Maxine does get reactive on leash towards some dogs, but ignores others. Maxine likes to play fetch, and showed great interest in the pond at GSRSV's facility--though she did not go in the water.

Maxine is in good health, but her left hip is somewhat dysplastic. This simply means that the ball & socket in that hip is somewhat loose--it does NOT mean that Maxine will become crippled w/ arthritis before she becomes a senior. Maxine runs fine and an untrained eye would probably not even see the difference between how her left and right legs move. Maxine is presently on a chondrotin/glucosamine supplement, and I will encourage her next owners to continue her on such a supplement.

Maxine's male owner Felix obtained her from a friend when she was about 5 mos old. Felix is now married, and he and his wife are seeking to rehome Maxine because they don't have the time to spend with her and feel that their place is too small for two large dogs.

GSRSV has evaluated Maxine and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Maxine through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.  Maxine's adoption fee is $225. Maxine is located in West Sacramento.

Posted 4-22-15

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Adopted 7-12-16!

"Debo" is an extra-large, 5-yo (born 12-4-2010) neutered male GSD who can best be described as a gentle giant. Debo has a mellow, easy-going temperament. He's friendly with strangers, and readily let me pet him inside his former owners' vehicle when I first met him. (Not something you want to do with most  GSDs!) Debo loves kids, and was frequently around his owner's 7 & 10-yo grandkids. He was even good with their 1-yo grandkid. Nonetheless, Debo is reportedly a good watchdog.

Debo is excellent w/ other dogs, as demonstrated in this  video (click here) of him with some of the dogs at GSRSV's rescue ranch. He's tolerant and non-alpha. Debo has never been around cats, and would chase off cats that came into his former owner's yard, so we will only consider a home without cats for him.

Debo weighed 111 lbs when he was neutered on 5-21; he is probably about 20 lbs overweight (due to lack of exercise). He has a beautiful, thick coat, what is often referred to as a "plush coat" in GSD circles. He has a nice, square back and no signs of hip problems.

Debo's former owners kept him outside most of his life, but since GSRSV took him in, he's been very happy hanging out inside and has not had a single accident. He did fine when left alone for hours in his former home. Debo does pull when walking on leash, but not so hard that his female former owner couldn't control him.

Debo loves to swim; he routinely cools down in the pond at GSRSV's rescue ranch, and was like a black polar bear in a friend's swimming pool.  Debo also loves to go for rides in a vehicle and is a polite passenger. He likes to play fetch--sometimes he'll release the ball, other times he likes to play tug-of-war.

Debo's former owners purchased him as a puppy. Though they were clearly attached to Debo, they were forced to find a new home for him because the house they were renting was sold and they were unable to find a new, affordable place to rent that would allow Debo. Not wanting to see Debo end up in a shelter, GSRSV took him in at its rescue ranch just prior to his owner's moving out. Debo's adoption fee is $210.

Posted 5-8-16; updated 6-1-16

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Adopted 6-25-16!

"Juneau" is a handsome, nearly 7-yo (born 5-1-09), 85-lb neutered male White GSD who is energetic and has a very sweet temperament. Juneau is very affectionate with his own people, but somewhat timid of new people that he meets. He is very good with young children and previously lived with a 5-yo boy and a 2-yo girl. Juneau had knocked over the young girl on more than one occasion, as he didn't really know how to temper his energy to her level. However, he's very tolerant of toddler's antics such as swinging sticks at him.

Juneau is great with other dogs, and was a regular dog park visitor with his previous owners. Juneau is clearly on the submissive side so could potentially be paired with an alpha male or female without concern of conflict. Juneau was also great with the cat who he grew up with, so a new home with a cat or cats is a definite possibility for him.

Juneau received formal obedience training when he was under a year, and then again when he was about 2 yrs old. Though Juneau obeys several commands, he did not have good recall off-leash at his former home, and if he got out of the house would play "keep away" until he is finally caught. Juneau is very good on leash, as long as he had his pinch collar on. His owner had used the pinch collar since Juneau was very young, so he's not sure how Juneau walks on leash without it.

Juneau's owners kept him primarily outside for most of his life, but he has been inside at night often enough to say with certainty that he's housetrained. Juneau clearly would prefer to be inside with his people, as he would often bark or jump up on the sliding glass door when he saw them inside. Juneau is a very good watchdog, but it's all show as he's not at all aggressive.

Juneau loves to run after balls (he's not so good about bringing them back), and loves water. Click here to see a short video of Juneau running and splashing.

Juneau's owners had him since he was 11 wks old. Their increased work schedules and guilt about not spending enough time or providing enough exercise for Juneau led to them placing Juneau through GSRSV. Juneau was adopted in late March, but he did not get along w/ the adopters' female GSD (who was not well-socialized w/ other dogs) so they returned him to GSRSV. Juneau is now residing at GSRSV's rescue ranch.

Juneau's adoption fee is $175, which includes a microchip.

Posted 12-21-15; updated 4-8-16