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The following dogs are available for adoption from the GSRSV rescue facility, foster caretakers, and owners working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at  916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as one of its program dogs." This means that the dog is still in the custody of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back guarantee and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified October 05, 2015.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.


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"Koda" is a 14 mos old (born August 16, 2014), approx 65-lb spayed female GSD who is very sweet and energetic. Koda is rather aloof towards strangers, but friendly once she gets to know them. She barks appropriately when people are at the door. Koda is great with kids, and presently lives with three children: two young boys (5 & 6 yrs) and a baby. 

Koda is great with other dogs and quite playful. She had a great time running around with a few dogs at GSRSV's facility. She is on the submissive side, so will shy away from dogs who try to dominate her. Koda has never been around cats, so I will only consider a home w/out cats for her.

Koda has received very little training, and will definitely need some basic obedience training. She pulls hard on leash, so will need work in that area, too. She is housetrained and fine inside the house. 

Koda is very energetic and in good health. She does have one minor medical issue, and that is a lesion that developed in June 2015 above the most outward toe on her right rear paw. (See photo at right.) A veterinarian examined, X-rayed, and diagnosed the lesion as a "benign calcinosis circumscripta", which is a build-up of calcium on the metatarsal (toe) bone. The lesion is likely associated with Koda having broken a couple of toes on the same paw in late October 2014 when she fell down some stairs.

Though the lesion intially caused Koda some lameness for a few days in June 2015, she has not shown any lameness since that time. The vet who diagnosed Koda's lesion proposed surgical removal as an option, but the lesion might subside on its own. Koda ran just fine when I evaluated her. Click here to see a video of Koda running.

Koda's owners purchased her as a 6-wk old puppy, not realizing what they were getting into. They presently live in an RV with the three young children, and have not been able to find a house they can afford to rent that allows GSDs. Koda is at the age where she needs a great deal of attention and exercise, and Koda's owners just can't provide that for her now. So, they are seeking a new home for her.

GSRSV has evaluated Koda and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Koda through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her. Koda's adoption fee is $275. Koda is located in Roseville.

Posted 10-3-15

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"Bailey" is a beautiful 5-6 yo, 60-lb spayed female GSD who is very affectionate and playful. Bailey loves to cuddle and be petted. She has a very gentle temperament, and I'm sure she'll be great with small children (though I've yet to observe her w/ youngsters). 

Bailey is great with other dogs, and loves to run and play. She does have a strong herding instinct and likes to chase after hyper dogs and sometimes nip at them. However, she backs off right away if the other dog objects. I don't know how Bailey is with cats, so will only consider a home without cats for her.

Bailey was most likely kept as an outdoor dog previously, as she was enthralled with everything in my house when I first brought her home. Bailey immediately embraced the indoor life, and has made my bed her primary resting spot. She never had even one accident inside--though I do have a dog door. Bailey's only bad house habit is that she'll sometimes chew on the toilet paper roll when I'm gone if I forget to put it out of reach. 

Though Bailey is very loving, she also appears to have been abused in certain ways. For example, she is initially scared when I place a leash on her, and will cry if the leash becomes taut. However, she gets over her fear quickly. I'm sure that Bailey just needs to get used to walking on leash when the objective is to have fun.

Bailey was surrendered by her owner (for reasons unknown) to the Turlock Animal Shelter on 7-29-15. GSRSV rescued Bailey on 8-22-15 after nobody adopted her during the time she was at the shelter. 

Bailey's adoption fee is $225, which includes a microchip.

Posted 9-16-15 

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"Bodie" is a happy-go-lucky, loveable, energetic 1½-yo neutered male GSD. Bodie is friendly with everyone he meets, and will surely be great with kids of all ages. He is great with other dogs, and loves to play. I don't know how Bodie is with cats, and due to his high energy and exuberance, I will not consider a home with cats for him. Bodie presently weighs about 70 lbs, and is still filling out. 

Bodie is housetrained and perfectly behaved in the house when I am present. I haven't had him on leash much, but the times I have he's seemed quite good. Bodie has good recall off-leash, too. He loves to bite the water stream from a hose, but I've yet to see him go swimming in the pond here at GSRSV's facility.

Bodie's one drawback is that he does not like being away from his person--even for a short time--and can jump a fence to make sure that he stays with his person. This is true even when Bodie is around other dogs--which is all the time her at GSRSV's facility. Bodie will likely have to be kept inside or in a very secure kennel when his next owner leaves the house. I don't know how Bodie does inside a house uncrated, as I have a dog door that I can't shut off for the other dogs. However, he does pretty well in a crate at my house when I'm gone. It must be a sturdy crate, though, as Bodie has pulled the door in of a lighter-weight crate, allowing him to get out.

GSRSV took Bodie in from his former owner who could no longer keep him. Bodie's adoption fee is $275, which includes a microchip.

Posted 7-8-15

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Adoption Fee Reduced!
is a 1-yr old spayed female Pit Bull/GSD who is happy, playful, and well behaved for her age--for the most part! Delilah loves people and loves to snuggle next to you. I have not observed her around young children, but I have no doubt that she'll be good with them. Delilah is great with other dogs, and not dominant at all. She loves to play, and can either play rough or gently, depending on the dog she's with. Delilah is not good w/ cats. She weighs about 60 lbs but isn't very large--just thick!

Delilah is completely housetrained and very well behaved inside the house, especially for such a young dog. Delilah is a real comfort pup, and loves to snuggle on a bed or easy chair, and will sleep right by your side. 

Delilah loves car rides and rides very calmly. She also  loves to swim! It took her awhile to build her confidence, but now she swims like a fish in the pond at GSRSV's facility. She also enjoys playing with tennis balls and chewing on hard plastic toys, 

Delilah is a serious fence-jumper, and will require a home in which she is kept inside when her people are gone. Originally, Delilah had great recall off leash. She enjoyed her romps around GSRSV's 45-acre property, and always stayed right with the "pack." When it was time to come back in the yard, she either came right in or did so when I called her. However, Delilah has learned to jump the 6-ft chain link fence at the front of my property, and loves to go visit the neighbors up the road. This has become an obsession with her, to the point that she will do it at almost any opportunity. Consequently, I'm having to keep Delilah on leashes or a crate in the house, and on long cables or a kennel w/ a chain-link top outside. This is painful for both Delilah and myself, as she's young and full of energy, and I've never had to restrict a dog they way I'm having to do so with Delilah.

I'm hoping that a change in environment will put an end to Delilah's desire to escape, but she definitely has the ability to jump most fences up to 6 ft. Fortunately, Delilah is very mellow in the house and can be left inside for hours without any problem. (I can't do that at my place because I have a lot of dogs and can't keep them all in for Delilah's sake.) 

A woman named Trina found Delilah wandering her neighborhood in the Pocket area of Sacramento on May 8. All efforts to find her owner were exhausted, but Trina didn't have the heart to bring Delilah to the shelter--even though she couldn't let Delilah in her house because of her cats. I evaluated Delilah for adoption on May 25, and was going to list her as a "Program Dog."  I boarded Delilah for Trina when she and her family went to Lake Tahoe Memorial Day weekend. The plan was for them to pick up Delilah on May 26, but Delilah proved to fit in so well w/ the other GSRSV dogs (especially Foxy, another young female GSD mix) that I decided to keep he here while I seek a permanent home for her.

Delilah's adoption fee is only $100, thanks to Trina's contribution of $100 towards her fee!

Posted 6-2-14; updated 9-9-15

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Adoption Pending!

"Elsa" is an adorable but timid 3-yo spayed female Siberian Husky/GSD. She takes some time to trust new humans, especially men it seems. Elsa has a delightful way of crawling toward somebody when she’s laying on the floor, and when she’s happy her thick tail swings wildly to and fro, causing her whole rear end to gyrate. Elsa is great with other dogs, and is much more confident in their presence. For this reason, we are seeking a home for Elsa that has at least one relatively young medium-to-large size dog for her to play with. Elsa has also done OK w/ ther foster caretaker's cat. She will chase him when he runs, but will actually lay down next to him when he doesn't run. So, I will consider Elsa for a home with a dog-savvy cat. Elsa weighs approx 60 lbs.

Elsa's has received some obedience training from her foster caretakers, and responds well to basic commands such as "sit" and "stay." She walks very well on leash. She is well-behaved inside for the most part, but if given the opportunity when unsupervised, might do things such as getting into the waste basket or take food off the counter. 

It was pretty clear from the time we rescued Elsa (2-4-15) that she had been raised as an outdoor dog, so she's still learning inside etiquette. For the most part she is non-destructive, but has chewed on shoes and her dog bed. It almost seems like Elsa is going through the puppy stage that she was never given the opportunity to go through previously.

Elsa loves being with her people, but also enjoys being outside. A house with a dog door would be ideal for Elsa, allowing her the best of both worlds. She does NOT like being confined in a crate or a small space.

GSRSV rescued Elsa from the Pinole shelter on 2-4-15. She is currently in a foster home in Vallejo. Elsa's adoption fee is $250, which includes a microchip.

Posted 5-24-15; updated 6-28-15

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"Gelda" is an approx 5-6 yo spayed female GSD mix who is mellow and affectionate. Gelda is friendly with strangers and loves to be held and petted. She is somewhat sensitive about being handled around her hips, so she would do best in a home without children under the age of 10. Gelda was fine w/ the numerous dogs at GSRSV’s rescue facility, but is very reactive towards other dogs when on leash. She also reacts strongly towards cats, squirrels, and pretty much any other animal. "No cats" is a given for Gelda's next home. Gelda is short and stocky, and weighs about 70 lbs. She has a soft, plush coat.  

Gelda is quiet in the house and has great manners as long as you set the rules. She is a fast learner, and within three days at her foster home she was respecting the invisible boundaries established for her. She obeys a few commands, and being food motivated can likely learn many more commands with a treat incentive. Gelda walks well on a leash, and promptly responds to "stop" and "heel" –except when she sees another dog or other animal. 

Gelda likes to play fetch, tug-of-war, and chew on squeaky toys. She is very content just hanging around with her person once she’s gone for a walk. Gelda is somewhat unsteady in her back end, but that doesn't slow her down on her walks around the hilly streets of San Carlos, where she is presently located.  

GSRSV rescued Gelda from the small shelter in rural Delano , CA, just north of Bakersfield, on March 1, 2013. Gelda had been at the shelter since December 19, 2013. Gelda's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 4-21-13

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"Jana" is a 2½-yo spayed female GSD who is very high energy but also very sweet. Jana is friendly with strangers but is a good watchdog. She is fine with kids, but has a strong herding drive so will chase and try to jump on younger kids when they are running around. So, we prefer a home with children no younger than 7 yrs for Jana. 

Jana is OK with larger dogs, though she hasn't been socialized with other dogs much. She is not good with small dogs or cats. Jana weighs just over 70 lbs.

Jana is housetrained and is used to being kept inside for the most part. She can be left alone inside for up to about 9 hours without any problems. 

Again, Jana is a high-energy dog and has all the makings of a working dog. Jana needs a home in which her owners will provide her with strong leadership, training, and considerable exercise--more than just daily walks around the block, 

Jana's owner Lauren is a young woman who has had her since she was 2 months old. Lauren recently had to move out of her mother's house and was not able to take Jana with her. She contacted GSRSV for assistance in finding Jana a new home. 

GSRSV has evaluated Jana and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Jana through its adoption program while her caretaker (her owner's mother) continues to care for her. Jana's adoption fee is $250. Jana is located in Antioch.

Posted 4-16-15

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"Leia" is a beautiful, nearly-7-yo (born 10-29-08) spayed female GSD with a wonderful, easy-going temperament. Leia is friendly with everyone, and I had no reservations petting her inside her owner's car--which can be a little risky w/ some GSDs. Leia has grown up w/ three boys, who at the time Leia was a puppy were 6, 7 & 10. The boys love to wrestle w/ Leia, and she with them. She also likes to snuggle. Leia will almost certainly do well with younger kids. She has no food aggression and takes treats gently.

Leia is great with other dogs for the most part, and has grown up w/ a female GSD/Chow mix and a male Chihuahua/Dachshund mix. She did have issues w/a female Chihuahua that Leia's owner Reina was fostering, but that dog was ornery w/ all the dogs in Reina's home and Leia did her best to ignore that dog for as long as she could. Leia did great with the four dogs that she met at GSRSV's facility. Leia has never lived with a cat, and will chase them, so I will only consider a home without cats for her.

Leia is in great shape for a dog her age and looks like a dog years younger than she is. Her teeth are all full and mostly white, and she has very little grey in her muzzle. She runs with a beautiful, flowing gait that is classic GSD--absolutely no hip problems with this dog. (Click here to see a video of her running around at GSRSV's facility.) If I were to have rescued Leia from a shelter without knowing her age, I would have estimated her to be 4-5 yrs old! Leia weighs about 65 lbs.

Leia is well behaved for the most part, though she has not had any formal training. Her owner shares the same philosophy about dogs that I do--let them be dogs, while providing enough training to maintain control. For example, Leia loves to grab hold of the leash and play tug at the beginning of walks. This is a cute, spirited behavior that I would do nothing to discourage myself--in fact, I'd probably encourage it! Leia does pull somewhat on leash, but nothing too serious. Leia does jump up on Reina at times in her excitement, but does not do this with strangers.  Leia has been an inside/outside dog her entire life. She is usually kept outside when her owner is gone, and has no separation anxiety. She would do fine kept indoors, as well. 

Leia loves to play fetch, run, and to swim. 

Reina raised Leia from a puppy and Leia is a valued member of her family. However, Reina lives with her mother, and Leia's behavior towards the Chihuahua that Raina was fostering caused her mother concern that Leia might turn on the other two dogs--even though it was the Chi that was stirring things up. Leia now has to be kept separate from the other dogs, which means being kept outside on a "runner" for the most part. Reina does not want Leia to have to live this way, so she is seeking a new home for her. 

GSRSV has evaluated Leia and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Leia through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her. Leia's adoption fee is $150. Leia is located in Paradise, near Chico.

Posted 8-28-15

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"Lobo" is an approx 5-yo neutered male GSD who is mellow and very affectionate--he loves to be petted and hugged. He is very people-oriented and follows his person from room to room, and lies contentedly when his person is stationary. Lobo is great with strangers--he does not bark at visitors to the house when they enter and is immediately at ease (though not overly friendly). He's not a very good watchdog, as he does not bark at the sound of the doorbell. Lobo was nervous around his first foster caretaker's 4-yo twins, so we are seeking a home for Lobo with no children under 13 years. Lobo weighs about 75 lbs.

Lobo is fine with other dogs, but not terribly social with them. He really prefers the companionship of people. We don't know how Lobo is with cats, so we will only consider a home w/ out cats for him. 

Lobo is very well behaved and obeys several basic commands, including the "stay" command. (Click here to see a video of Lobo obeying commands off leash and playing w/ a rope toy.) He is fully housetrained and non-destructive in the house. For those of you who feel that a dog does not belong on the furniture, hear this: Lobo does not get up on furniture, even when by himself! 

Lobo is great on leash--he doesn't pull or drag his foster caretaker down the street at all and typically walks about even with him. He is also non-reactive towards other dogs he sees when walking on leash.  

Lobo travels well in a vehicle and enjoys going for rides. Lobo loves toys, but excels at destroying them! If you get him a cheap squeaky toy, it will be finished in about half an hour. The best toys for Lobo are Kongs (which hold up fairly well) and tug ropes.

Lobo is quite "needy", and gets stressed when he is separated from his person. He will whine loudly for awhile even when his person goes outside for just a short time. However, he is not destructive when left alone--just vocal. Lobo will obviously do best in a home in which he is rarely without human companionship.

Lobo was rescued at the last minute from the Pinole shelter by a volunteer w/ another rescue group on 3-13-15. She kept him at a private boarding facility for a few weeks, but he was starting to deteriorate, so a GSRSV foster caretaker took him in on 4-8. Lobo was transferred to another foster home on 4-24 in Bay Point (between Concord and Pittsburgh), where he is presently located.

Lobo's adoption fee is $225, which will include a microchip.

Posted 5-9-15; updated 9-16-15

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"Maxine" is a large (90 lb), beautiful 4½-yo spayed female GSD who is very affectionate, outgoing, and "alpha." Maxine is quite friendly with strangers, but is a good watchdog. She is great with kids, including young ones. She presently lives with kids 3, 5, 7 &11 yrs old, and does well with all of them.  

Maxine is an alpha dog and clearly wants to be the one in charge. She got along well with the many dogs she met at GSRSV's facility, but she did try to bully two of the oldest dogs. A quick "No!" was all it took for her to leave those dogs along. Maxine lives with a female dog who she occasionally quarrels with, but nothing major. I recommend that Maxine's next home be one with either no other dog or a large, confident male dog who won't elicit any bullying on Maxine's part. Maxine has never been around cats, so we will only consider a home without cats for her.

Maxine is well behaved, though she's had no formal training. She is housetrained, but is kept outside primarily. That will not be the case in her next home.  Maxine is fine left alone for several hours--no separation anxiety. However, Maxine is not too experienced riding in a car, and gets agitated and barks. She probably just needs to go on more car rides to fun places!

Maxine pulls somewhat on leash, but not so hard that her female owner can't handle her. Maxine does get reactive on leash towards some dogs, but ignores others. Maxine likes to play fetch, and showed great interest in the pond at GSRSV's facility--though she did not go in the water.

Maxine is in good health, but her left hip is somewhat dysplastic. This simply means that the ball & socket in that hip is somewhat loose--it does NOT mean that Maxine will become crippled w/ arthritis before she becomes a senior. Maxine runs fine and an untrained eye would probably not even see the difference between how her left and right legs move. Maxine is presently on a chondrotin/glucosamine supplement, and I will encourage her next owners to continue her on such a supplement.

Maxine's male owner Felix obtained her from a friend when she was about 5 mos old. Felix is now married, and he and his wife are seeking to rehome Maxine because they don't have the time to spend with her and feel that their place is too small for two large dogs.

GSRSV has evaluated Maxine and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Maxine through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her.  Maxine's adoption fee is $225. Maxine is located in West Sacramento.

Posted 4-22-15

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"Maya" is a super-sweet, gentle-giant 5-yr old spayed female GSD mix.  Maya is friendly with strangers (more comfortable w/ women), but also a good watchdog on her home turf. She is great with children, and was protective (though not overly so) of the 7-yr old and a 9-yr old kids she formerly lived with. She is fine with other dogs, though when off-leash she approaches other dogs in a very dominant way. She is NOT good with cats, small dogs or livestock.  Maya is a big dog, weighs approx  90 lbs. 

Maya is very obedient and responds well to commands. She is a great companion on jogs and hikes. She is good on leash and will not pull or make any fuss when seeing other dogs. Even when off leash, she will not run far and comes when called. 

Though Maya has a lot of energy on walks and hikes, she is really clam and loving in a home environment. She loves to cuddle and receive all the attention she can get. Maya is also surprisingly good in cars; she waits calmly and quietly if you leave to run short errands.

Maya formerly had separation anxiety when left alone, but her foster caretakers have worked wonders with this behavior. Now, they can leave Maya alone (w/ access to outside via a dog door) for as much as 12 hrs w/ out her getting upset. 

Maya's former owners adopted her from the Sac SPCA in November 2009. Maya had separation anxiety from the outset, but her owners helped her grow comfortable for the time that they were typically away from home. However, changes to their work schedules forced them to leave Maya alone for 10-12 hrs/day. Consequently, her owners were forced to seek a new home for Maya, and in mid-May began boarding her at GSRSV's facility while I sought her a new home. 

GSRSV brought Maya to a foster home in North Sacramento on 8-21-11, where she is doing great. 

Maya's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 3-6-11; updated 2-28-12 

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"Milo" is a 3-yo neutered male GSD mix who is great with people of all ages. Milo has lived in a home w/ kids ranging from 15 to 8 yrs. I'm sure he'd be fine with young kids. He's very affectionate and loves to be handled. 

Milo gets along fine with other dogs for the most part, as he's demonstrated with the dogs at GSRSV's facility. However, he is very reactive towards other dogs who bark at him when he's walking on leash and pulls hard towards them. Therefore, whoever adopts Milo must be strong enough to restrain him when walking (Milo does NOT like harnesses), or perhaps chooses to walk Milo at a time when hardly any other dogs will be encountered. I do not know how Milo is with cats (likely not good), so will only consider a home without cats for him. Milo is a large dog, weighing about 80 lbs.

Milo is housetrained and is fine when left inside for several hours. He knows a few of basic commands but has not received any formal training. He walks well on a leash (except when he sees other dogs who bark at him) and has good recall off-leash. He rides well in a car. Milo loves water--swimming or just running through shallow water. He likes playing fetch, too.

Milo appears to have been with one family since he was a puppy, as they knew his birthdate (5-25-12). The family surrendered him to the Sac SPCA on 1-25-14, reportedly because they were moving. GSRSV rescued Milo on 2-19-14. Milo is presently in a foster home in Davis. His adoption fee is $225.

Posted 3-20-14; updated 7-12-15

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"Mona" is a pretty, approx 3-yo spayed female GSD who is very sweet but also somewhat timid of strangers. Mona is very affectionate with her foster caretakers, but takes awhile to warm up to people she has never met before. She is not in the least aggressive with strangers--just reserved. She has come a long way in this regard since GSRSV rescued her on May 31 and continues to build her confidence around strangers. 

Mona is fine with other dogs, but not particularly playful with them. She is definitely a submissive dog, not an alpha. Mona chases cats, so I will only consider a home for her without cats.

Mona does well inside the house, but it took a long time for her to feel comfortable coming inside. It's clear that Mona was previously kept as an outdoor dog where she was not allowed inside. Now, however, she comes right inside the house when her foster caretakers come home. As a plus (for most people), she does not get up on furniture or beds, and is not a counter surfer.

 Mona is great on leash and has excellent recall off-leash. Her foster caretaker routinely jogs with her and she is a good jogging partner. She rides fine in a car, too.

GSRSV rescued Mona from the Turlock shelter on May 31, 2015, where she had been brought to as a stray.  Mona was brought right to the foster home in Davis where she is currently at. Mona's adoption fee is $275, which includes a microchip.

Posted 9-5-15

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"Nar II" is a large, handsome nearly 7-yo (born 7-13-08) neutered male GSD who is very friendly with both adults and children. Nar II is surprisingly good with other dogs, given that he has not been socialized with many dogs during his life.  Nar II has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for him. Nar II weighs approx 90 lbs.

Nar II has lived outdoors his entire life. Nar II is good on a leash, but his owners live on over an acre and rarely take him off the property, so they rarely need to put a leash on him. 

Nar II loves to play fetch and to splash around in sprinklers. 

Nar II is very bonded with his companion dog "Ruby", also listed on this page. Nar II's owners strongly prefer to keep him and Ruby together at this point in time. 

Nar II's owners purchased him from a breeder when he was about 8 wks old, and have had him ever since. They are seeking a new home for Nar II (along w/ Ruby) because the moved out of the country on July 20. Nar II and Ruby are now located at GSRSV's facility in Pleasant Grove.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 7-12-15

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"Phoenix" is a handsome 4-yo neutered male GSD with a sweet, gentle temperament. Phoenix is very friendly with strangers and good with children. In fact, he is not much of a watchdog, as he does not generally alarm bark at outside noises. Phoenix is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Phoenix is great with other dogs when off-leash, but can be quite reactive towards them when walking on-leash. He has behaved perfectly at a dog park, and was quite playful with a female GSD.  It's unlikely, however, that Phoenix will do well w/ cats, as he pull strongly towards cats when he sees them while walking on leash. Phoenix is solidly-built, has a large head, and weighs about 80 lbs.

Phoenix is somewhat insecure, and always wants to be by his person. He is fully housetrained and was great in the house when his former foster caretaker was home, but did have mild separation anxiety when left alone. He knocked over some plants and chewed through some wires (fortunately, low voltage wires) during his first few days in his foster home. After that, his foster caretaker simply closed the door to his office and removed the plants, and Phoenix didn't cause any damage when left alone. However, it's clear that Phoenix would do best in a home where his person is home most of the time, as is the case at present. 

Phoenix generally walks easy on leash, but he does pull strongly at first out of eagerness. Again, he can be quite reactive towards other dogs he sees when on walks, but not always. He rides well in the car, but insists in getting out the driver's side--even if the driver is still sitting there! 

Phoenix was reportedly abandoned by a neglectful, abusive owner, picked up by Oakland Animal Control, then bailed out of the shelter by a neighbor who had been befriending Phoenix. I'm not sure just what to believe, because Phoenix shows no signs of abuse, though he does have the classic insecurity of a dog who has been abandoned. What's for sure is that whoever adopts Phoenix will be well-rewarded by a dog who will show unconditional love and devotion. Phoenix's adoption fee is $200. 

Posted 7-30-14; updated 8-29-14

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"Ruby" is an 11½-yo spayed female GSD with a very sweet, mellow temperament. Ruby is super-friendly with everyone, including young children. She is great with other dogs, which is quite impressive given that she hasn't been around too many other dogs during her life. She has never been around cats, however, so we're seeking a home w/ out cats for her. Ruby is a big dog, and weighs approx 78 lbs. 

Ruby is in very good health, and has no noticeable arthritis. Her hips are sound and she moves with a nice, fluid motion. (Click here for a short video of Ruby running.) Her teeth look great for a dog her age. 

Ruby has lived outdoors her entire life. She received basic obedience training when she was younger, but has not needed any follow-up training. Ruby is good on a leash, but her owners live on over an acre and rarely take her off the property, so they rarely need to put a leash on her.  

Ruby loves water, whether it's swimming, playing in the sprinklers, splashing in a kiddy pool, or just dunking her face into a bucket of water. 

Ruby is very bonded with her companion dog "Nar II", also listed on this page. Ruby's owners strongly prefer to keep Ruby and Nar together at this point in time. 

Ruby's owners purchased her from a breeder when she was about 8 wks old, and have had her ever since. They were forced to seek a new home for Ruby (along w/ Nar II) because they moved out of the country on July 20. Ruby and Nar II are now located at GSRSV's facility in Pleasant Grove.

Posted 6-23-15; updated 7-22-15

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"Tilly" is a 3-yo, approx 70-lb spayed female GSD who is sweet and loving. She loves tp be petted and to cuddle. She is friendly with strangers, though somewhat timid upon meeting them at first. Tilly is very gentle, and she seems like she'd be perfect with very young children. 

Tilly is great with other dogs. Not necessarily playful with them, but completely comfortable and non-aggressive. She is presently living w/ a large female GSD/Dobie mix who she gets along fine with. We do not know how Tilly is with cats, so per my policy, I will only consider homes w/out cats for her. 

Tilly is housetrained and was routinely kept inside in her original foster home for 4-hr shifts without any problems. She also does fine in a crate. Tilly walks well on leash and sits on command. She rides very well in the car.

Tilly takes awhile to settle into a new environment, but once she does, her "inner puppy" comes out and she'll play ball, tug-of-war, and race around the yard. 

Tilly's one drawback is that she is scared of fast movements and loud noises--especially new loud noises. If the source of the noise is inside (e.g., a vacuum cleaner), she will simply move to another room or go outside. If the source of the noise is outside, and Tilly is outside, she might try to get out of the yard--depending on the intensity of the noise.

Tilly will need a home where she is allowed inside when her people are gone and, ideally, one in which she is not left alone for long periods of time.

GSRSV originally rescued Tilly from the Turlock shelter on 3-15-14. She was taken directly to a foster home in South Sacramento. The foster caretaker decided to adopt her on 4-22-14.

On 7-19-15, I received an e-mail message from a woman in South Sacramento who took in Tilly from another woman who found her running loose. Apparently, Tilly's former foster caretaker had given her to his cousin (in violation of his adoption contract with me). The cousin had Tilly for the last year or so. He said that he no longer had time for Tilly. 

I took Tilly back from the woman in South Sacramento on 8-22-15, and she's been in a foster home in Natomas since 8-28-15. Tilly's adoption fee is $275, which includes a microchip.

Posted 7-27-15; updated 9-9-15

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Adopted 9-13-15!

"Adler" is an approx 1½-yo neutered male GSD mix who is very sweet and affectionate but still very wary of new people and sounds. Adler is fine with women and children, but not so much with men. When any grown male has something in his hand Adler cowers and tries to run away. His foster caretakers (including two older boys) have been working with Adler to help him overcome his fear. 

Adler is very friendly with other dogs and routinely visits a nearby dog park. We don't know how Adler is with cats, so for now will only consider a home without cats for him. Adler has a slender build and weighs approx 70 lbs.

Adler is housetrained and does well left alone for short periods of time inside. He does whine when his "mom" leaves, but does not become destructive. He is extremely smart and has started bringing his leash to the door when he wants to go out. Adler loves playing outside and going on walks. He is good on leash but does pull eagerly when he sees other dogs because he wants to play with them. Adler is a very quiet dog--in fact, he hardly ever barks, so if it's a watchdog that you're seeking, Adler is not the dog for you.

Adler is very needy and likes being with his people at all times. He was clearly abused by a male owner. He needs a home with people who will be around for the most part and who are willing to help Adler overcome his fears and build his confidence. Adler will return all the kindness and attention his people bestow on him double-fold and will be a best friend for life.

GSRSV rescued Adler from the shelter in Wasco, near Bakersfield, on 6-27-15. Adler is in a foster home in El Dorado Hills.

Adler's adoption fee is $225.

Posted 8-1-15

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Adopted 9-1-15!

"Cadence" is a beautiful 10-yo (born January 2005) spayed female GSD who is friendly and very limber and energetic for her age. Cadence is outgoing with strangers in neutral settings, but aloof and somewhat wary at first in her own home. She is protective of the children who live with her and is a good watchdog. She's great with the kids, and presently lives w/ a 2-yo girl. 

Cadence is good with other dogs, but is not one to roll over if challenged. She is fine w/ one of her owner's sister's Cocker Spaniels, but those are the smallest dogs she's been around. She was perfect with six other dogs at GSRSV's facility. Cadence has never lived with cats, and has a strong prey drive, so I will only consider a home without cats for her. Cadence is a petite GSD and weighs about 55 lbs--a perfect weight for her build. 

Cadence is very well-trained, and still obeys multiple commands from her male owner Daniel instantly. Daniel worked w/ Cadence in formal obedience classes and taught her German commands and hand signals. Cadence knows a few cute tricks like "play dead" and "balance the bacon on the nose." She walks well on leash, but is always eager on walks so does pull a bit. 

Cadence was raised as an inside dog, but has spent the last two years primarily outside due to the 2-yo girl's sensitivity to her fur. She reportedly does OK being outside. Cadence loves to play fetch, and will fetch balls until she's exhausted. She also loves water and playing in the snow.  

Cadence is in great shape for her age. Her gait is very fluid and she has no visible signs of arthritis until she's run herself weary. Her owners have her on a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement, which she should remain on permanently.

Cadence's owners purchased her from a breeder when she was 9 months old. Both parents were AKC show dogs. Cadence is clearly a loved member of their family, but financial circumstances have placed them in a housing situation that is not working out for Cadence. Consequently, Cadence is being kept in a crate at Daniel's parents' house throughout much of each day. In fairness to Cadence, her owners are seeking a new home for her.

GSRSV has evaluated Cadence and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Cadence through its adoption program while her owners continue to care for her. Cadence's adoption fee is $100. Cadence is located in Lodi.

Posted 8-1-15

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Adopted 8-30-15!

"Roscoe" is an approx 2¾-yo neutered male GSD who is friendly, playful and well-tempered. He is very loving with his own people, and friendly with strangers. Roscoe is great with kids; he formerly lived with three boys ages 10-15, and has rolled over for a 5-yr old. He's probably too energetic for kids younger than 5, though. Roscoe  is very good with other dogs and quite playful. In fact, he needs to go to a home w/ another young, playful dog like himself to not only help him burn off some of that young GSD energy that he has, but to also keep him company inside when his people are away. (See below about Roscoe's tendency to escape a yard when unattended.) Roscoe is quite predatory towards  cats. Roscoe presently weighs about 70 lbs and is still growing.

Roscoe is fully housetrained and mostly non-destructive inside, though he does have a fondness for chewing up paper. His foster caretaker routinely leaves him inside her house (with her other dog) for eight or more hours with only an occasional miscue on Roscoe's part. 

There is a reason that Roscoe's foster caretaker leaves him inside when she's gone: if left outside unattended (even w/ another dog), he will try to find a way out of the yard. It is likely that Roscoe does this only because he was previously able to get into the neighbor's yard by easily going over a short section of fence. Once Roscoe's foster caretaker installed a higher section of fence, Roscoe could not go over it, so tried to dig under it. However, in the home he was at before GSRSV took him in, Roscoe never tried to escape the yard. So, it's probably circumstantial that Roscoe tries to get out of his present yard. 

Roscoe has learned several basic commands. He walks well on leash for the most part, but goes bonkers when he sees a cat run. He loves to go for car rides and travels well. Roscoe loves squeaky toys, swimming, and to play tug-of-war. 

A woman from Citrus Heights adopted Roscoe from the Merced County shelter in mid-December 2013 when she saw on the Internet that he might be euthanized. Unfortunately, she discovered that Roscoe is very predatory towards cats, and her family has two of them. Also, Roscoe will become very vocal if left outside alone.

Roscoe is a ready-made dog for an active home in which he will receive lots of love, attention and exercise--and where he will be allowed to remain inside uncrated (Roscoe does NOT like crates) when his people are gone--if necessary. Again, Roscoe needs to go to a home with another good-sized, young, playful dog like himself, who can keep him company when his people are away.

Roscoe has been in a foster home in East Sacramento since January 25, 2014. His adoption fee is $250.

Posted 1-11-14; updated 3-3-15

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Adopted 8-18-15!

"Bernie" is a handsome, super-friendly, happy-go lucky 3-yo neutered male GSD mix (probably GSD/Husky). Bernie loves people, is a real snuggler. Bernie lived in a home w/ two young teenagers for a couple of months, and did very well with them. To me, it's a foregone conclusion that Bernie will also be excellent with younger children.  

Bernie is great w/ other dogs, male or female. He was previously in a foster home w/ two other male dogs that he played with constantly. Now, he's at GSRSV's facility, and lives harmoniously with even more dogs. He has also visited a dog park and was great w/ the other dogs there. I would like to see Bernie go to a home w/ another playful medium-to-large size dog to keep him active and out of mischief. I don't know how Bernie is w/ cats, and due to this uncertainty I will only consider a home w/out cats for him. Bernie weighs approx 70 lbs.  

Bernie is housetrained and has good inside manners. He knows some basic commands and is fairly obedient. He walks very well on leash, except when he sees other dogs. Then, he can be very reactive and vocal if the person walking him does not take charge. Bernie loves to chase after other dogs who are fetching a ball, and occasionally will catch a ball thrown his way. He loves to go for car rides, but had problems with car sickness in the back of a pick-up truck in his previous home. However, he has not been car-sick in either the cab of my pick-up truck (45 minute ride twice) or the vehicle of his previous foster caretaker.

Bernie was rescued from the Yolo County shelter on 7-29-14, and went straight to a foster home in Cameron Park with two other male dogs and two teenage children. Bernie did great in that home. and received some basic obedience training.

A couple in Reno adopted Bernie on 9-27-14, but they returned him to GSRSV on 10-25-14 because of Bernie's reactiveness towards other dogs when on leash, and because he would routinely get car sick in the back of their carpeted pick-up bed. Again, Bernie had not shown any signs of car sickness in the cab of my pickup or in his foster caretaker's vehicle. Bernie is now at GSRSV's facility and is doing great. 

Bernie's adoption fee is $250.

Posted 11-7-14

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Adopted 8-16-15!

"Khloe" is a beautiful 5-yo (born Jan 2010) spayed female GSD who is very affectionate and energetic. Khloe is friendly with strangers who visit, but is also a very good watchdog. She loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. Khloe is very good with children, though she has not been around toddlers. She is good with other dogs, especially big dogs. Khloe was raised with another female GSD who she got along great with. She presently lives with three female Chihuahuas, and gets along fine with two of them; the other, not so well. She would do best with another large dog to play with, preferably a male. Khloe is not good with cats. She weighs approx ____ lbs.

Khloe is very well trained and sits, lays down, and shakes on command. She does pull out of eagerness when walking on leash, but not so hard that she can't be controlled. Khloe has been primarily kept outside throughout her life but is housetrained and loves to be up on her owner's bed more so than her own. Khloe would definitely prefer to be an inside/outside dog.

Khloe is very energetic and will do best in an active home where she is regularly taken for long, brisk walks --or even better, for runs--and occasionally taken to places where she can run off-leash. She loves to playfully chase anyone who will play cat & mouse with her.

Khloe's owner has had her since she was a little puppy. (Click here for picture of Khloe as a pup.) She clearly loves Khloe, but recently there have been issues between one of her three Chihuahua's and Khloe, and she does not want to risk the little dog getting hurt. So, reluctantly, she is seeking a new home for Khloe.

GSRSV has evaluated Khloe and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Khloe through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her. Khloe's adoption fee is $200. Khloe is located in Turlock.

Posted 6-23-15


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