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The following dogs are available for adoption from the GSRSV rescue facility, foster caretakers, and owners working with GSRSV. For further information about these dogs, please call Brian Foran at  916-655-3125 or e-mail him at (Note: dogs that were recently adopted will be moved to the very bottom of this page.) For information about the adoption process and fees, please see How to Adopt a Dog from GSRSV/Adoption Fees.

What is a "Program Dog?"
Some dogs' descriptions state that "GSRSV has evaluated (name) and is placing (him, her) as one of its program dogs." This means that the dog is still in the custody of its guardian, but that GSRSV is placing the dog through its adoption program. The same adoption process and adoption fee apply to these dogs as to those in GSRSV's custody, and the same 2-week money-back guarantee and lifetime take-back policy also apply. 

This picture appears next to dogs that have proven themselves to be cat-friendly. 


The flag appears above the pictures of dogs that GSRSV is placing for military families who are forced to find new homes for their dogs due to deployments. Please show your support for our service men and women by adopting or fostering their dogs!

This page was last modified April 16, 2015.

Note: The dogs on this page--other than those added within one week--are  listed alphabetically, rather than in chronological order. I list the dogs this way because too many people overlook the dogs that have been listed for awhile, thinking (erroneously) that there must be something wrong with a dog that hasn't been adopted after a few months.

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"Jana" is a 2 ½-yo spayed female GSD who is very high energy but also very sweet. Jana is friendly with strangers but is a good watchdog. She is fine with kids, but has a strong herding drive so will chase and try to jump on younger kids when they are running around. So, we prefer a home with children no younger than 7 yrs for Jana. 

Jana is OK with larger dogs, though she hasn't been socialized with other dogs much. She is not good with small dogs or cats. Jana weighs just over 70 lbs.

Jana is housetrained and is used to being kept inside for the most part. She can be left alone inside for up to about 9 hours without any problems. 

Again, Jana is a high-energy dog and has all the makings of a working dog. Jana needs a home in which her owners will provide her with strong leadership, training, and considerable exercise--more than just daily walks around the block, 

Jana's owner Lauren is a young woman who has had her since she was 2 months old. Lauren recently had to move out of her mother's house and was not able to take Jana with her. She contacted GSRSV for assistance in finding Jana a new home. 

GSRSV has evaluated Jana is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Jana through its adoption program while her caretaker (her owner's mother) continues to care for her. Jana's adoption fee is $250. Jana is located in Antioch.

Posted 4-16-15

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"Cossie" is a 3-4 yo neutered male GSD who is very affectionate and outgoing. Cossie is immediately friendly with strangers--much more so than most GSDs I've met. Cossie has been around young children and done fine with them. Cossie is apparently great with other dogs--at least he was with several dogs he met at GSRSV's facility. (He didn't even have an issue with one of the dogs who jumped into the car when Cossie was still in it!) He presently lives with a 10-yo female GSD/Dobie mix who he gets along fine with. We don't know how Cossie is with cats, so I will only consider homes without cats for him. Cossie looks like he weighs about 75 lbs. 

Cossie is housetrained and fine inside the house when his people are home, but they don't let him have the run of the house when they're gone. Instead, they leave him in the laundry room (because of the lack of a fenced yards), where he does fine for up to 6 hours. Cossie also sleeps inside the laundry room. 

Cossie pulls moderately when on leash, but nothing severe. He has a habit of jumping up on people when they come into his house, but this is a relatively easy behavior to curb.

In spite of his great temperament, Cossie appears to have been abused in his former home. He pees submissively when he is yelled at and even when a choke chain is placed on him prior to walks. However, the submissive peeing is curtailing and I expect it to completely fade away over time.

Cossie's present caretakers took him and another dog in from a woman in Southern Calif in October 2014 after her husband left the dogs with her when he moved out. Cossie's caretakers took in the dogs to help out the woman--not because they wanted to adopt them. They are seeking a new home for Cossie because they work long hours and don't have the time to devote to an active dog like him. 

GSRSV has evaluated Cossie is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Cossie through its adoption program while his caretakers continue to care for him. Cossie's adoption fee is $200. Cossie is located in Auburn.

Posted 4-11-15

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Adoption Pending!

"Arcee" is an approx 6-mos old female GSD (soon to be spayed)  who is very sweet, highly energetic, and somewhat headstrong. Arcee loves people, and is very outgoing. She bonds strongly with the person spending the most time with her. She is friendly with kids, but is still very mouthy and "jumpy" (ie, she jumps up on people in her exuberance), so kids under 10 or so are not a good match for Arcee at this stage in her life. 

Arcee is friendly with other dogs, and is currently living with three other large dogs, one--an older female--who she plays regularly with. We don't know how Arcee is with cats, so will only consider a home without cats for her. Also, she might be too energetic for a small dog--even a young, playful small dog. Arcee weighs approx 60 lbs.

Arcee has received some basic training from her foster parents, but is still in need of considerably more training. She is not completely housetrained, though she spends a fair amount of time inside. Arcee does OK on leash, but a daily walk around the block will not be enough for her. She needs a home in which she'll receive lots of exercise, and lots of attention. Arcee's ideal owner will have previous experience with a high-energy, somewhat headstrong GSD.

GSRSV rescued Arcee from the Martinez shelter on 3-7-15. She went directly to a foster home in Brentwood, where she presently lives. 

Arcee has yet to be spayed, but will be spayed prior to adoption. Arcee's adoption fee is $325, which will include a microchip. 

 Posted 3-24-15

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Adoption Pending!

"Bear" is a 1-yo neutered male GSD/Belgian Sheepdog with a wonderful temperament--and only three legs! Bear jumped out his previous owner's truck at high speed when he was about 4 months old, and his right rear leg was so badly shattered it had to be amputated. Bear has adjusted beautifully, as dogs are so apt to do, and has very few physical limitations. (Jumping into cars is one of them, so a ramp might be a good device for Bear.) Fortunately, it was a rear leg that Bear lost and not a front one, as dogs bear more weight on their front legs than their rear legs. Click here for a video of Bear romping around at the GSRSV facility.

Bear is friendly with all people, and is good with young children. (He has been around kids as young as 5 yrs.) He is great with all dogs, including little dogs. Bear presently lives happily with five other dogs, including a Yorkie and a Shitzu/Cockapoo, as well as a Pit Bull and Bulldog. Bear has not been around cats, so I will only consider a home without cats for him.

Bear is housetrained and well behaved in the house. He still does a little puppy chewing on loose objects he finds on the floor, but does not chew furniture or dog beds. His owner, Laura, does keep him outside when she is gone, or in a crate inside when the weather is bad, because she doesn't yet completely trust him inside unsupervised for long periods of time. 

Bear obeys several basic commands and walks very well on leash. He takes treats gently from hand. He rides very well in the car. He likes to play with toys and to chew on sticks. He also likes water.

Laura's brother took in Bear in August 2014 just after Bear's accident. Bear's owners at the time could not afford to treat Bear, so were going to bring him to a shelter. Laura's brother knew Laura would be willing to help him, and he was right. Though it's very clear that Laura & Bear are quite attached, Laura is seeking a new home for Bear because she can't afford to care for him as well as her five other dogs. Laura's parents are now pressuring her to find Bear a new home. It would be a tragedy if Bear ended up in a shelter!

GSRSV has evaluated Bear and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Bear through its adoption program while his owner continues to care for him. Bear is located in Sacramento. His adoption fee is $225.

Posted 12-24-14; updated 4-4-15

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"Bernie" is a handsome, super-friendly, happy-go lucky 3-yo neutered male GSD mix (probably GSD/Husky). Bernie loves people, is a real snuggler. Bernie lived in a home w/ two young teenagers for a couple of months, and did very well with them. To me, it's a foregone conclusion that Bernie will also be excellent with younger children.  

Bernie is great w/ other dogs, male or female. He was previously in a foster home w/ two other male dogs that he played with constantly. Now, he's at GSRSV's facility, and lives harmoniously with even more dogs. He has also visited a dog park and was great w/ the other dogs there. I would like to see Bernie go to a home w/ another playful medium-to-large size dog to keep him active and out of mischief. I don't know how Bernie is w/ cats, and due to this uncertainty I will only consider a home w/out cats for him. Bernie weighs approx 70 lbs.  

Bernie is housetrained and has good inside manners. He knows some basic commands and is fairly obedient. He walks very well on leash, except when he sees other dogs. Then, he can be very reactive and vocal if the person walking him does not take charge. Bernie loves to chase after other dogs who are fetching a ball, and occasionally will catch a ball thrown his way. He loves to go for car rides, but had problems with car sickness in the back of a pick-up truck in his previous home. However, he has not been car-sick in either the cab of my pick-up truck (45 minute ride twice) or the vehicle of his previous foster caretaker.

Bernie was rescued from the Yolo County shelter on 7-29-14, and went straight to a foster home in Cameron Park with two other male dogs and two teenage children. Bernie did great in that home. and received some basic obedience training.

A couple in Reno adopted Bernie on 9-27-14, but they returned him to GSRSV on 10-25-14 because of Bernie's reactiveness towards other dogs when on leash, and because he would routinely get car sick in the back of their carpeted pick-up bed. Again, Bernie had not shown any signs of car sickness in the cab of my pickup or in his foster caretaker's vehicle. Bernie is now at GSRSV's facility and is doing great. 

Bernie's adoption fee is $250.

Posted 11-7-14

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"Delilah" is a 1-yr old spayed female Pit Bull/GSD who is happy, playful, and very well behaved for her age. Delilah loves people and loves to snuggle next to you. I have not observed her around young children, but I have no doubt that she'll be good with them. Delilah is great with other dogs, and not dominant at all. She loves to play, and can either play rough or gently, depending on the dog she's with. Delilah is not good w/ cats. She weighs about 60 lbs but isn't very large--just thick!

Delilah is completely housetrained and very well behaved inside the house, especially for such a young dog. She does do a little puppy chewing on wood objects, but not much of that and immediately stops when told to do so. Delilah is a real comfort pup, and loves to snuggle on a bed or easy chair, and will sleep right by your side. 

Delilah hasn't had much leash training, so will need work in that area. She does have pretty good recall off leash, though. She enjoys her romps around GSRSV's 45-acre property, and always stays right with the "pack." When it's time to come back in the yard, she either comes right in or does so when I call her. She loves car rides and rides very calmly.

Delilah loves to swim! It took her awhile to build her confidence, but now she swims like a fish in the pond at GSRSV's facility. She also enjoys playing with tennis balls and chewing on hard plastic toys, 

A woman named Trina found Delilah wandering her neighborhood in the Pocket area of Sacramento on May 8. All efforts to find her owner were exhausted, but Trina didn't have the heart to bring Delilah to the shelter--even though she couldn't let Delilah in her house because of her cats. I evaluated Delilah for adoption on May 25, and was going to list her as a "Program Dog."  I boarded Delilah for Trina when she and her family went to Lake Tahoe Memorial Day weekend. The plan was for them to pick up Delilah on May 26, but Delilah proved to fit in so well w/ the other GSRSV dogs (especially Foxy, another young female GSD mix) that I decided to keep he here while I seek a permanent home for her.

Delilah's adoption fee is $200.

Posted 6-2-14; updated 11-7-14

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"Gelda" is an approx 5-6 yo spayed female GSD mix who is mellow and affectionate. Gelda is friendly with strangers and loves to be held and petted. She is somewhat sensitive about being handled around her hips, so she would do best in a home without children under the age of 10. Gelda was fine w/ the numerous dogs at GSRSV’s rescue facility, but is very reactive towards other dogs when on leash. She also reacts strongly towards cats, squirrels, and pretty much any other animal. "No cats" is a given for Gelda's next home. Gelda is short and stocky, and weighs about 70 lbs. She has a soft, plush coat.  

Gelda is quiet in the house and has great manners as long as you set the rules. She is a fast learner, and within three days at her foster home she was respecting the invisible boundaries established for her. She obeys a few commands, and being food motivated can likely learn many more commands with a treat incentive. Gelda walks well on a leash, and promptly responds to "stop" and "heel" –except when she sees another dog or other animal. 

Gelda likes to play fetch, tug-of-war, and chew on squeaky toys. She is very content just hanging around with her person once she’s gone for a walk. Gelda is somewhat unsteady in her back end, but that doesn't slow her down on her walks around the hilly streets of San Carlos, where she is presently located.  

GSRSV rescued Gelda from the small shelter in rural Delano , CA, just north of Bakersfield, on March 1, 2013. Gelda had been at the shelter since December 19, 2013. Gelda's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 4-21-13

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"Ginger" is an approx 7-yo spayed female GSD who is very affectionate, playful, and has a lot of energy. Ginger loves attention, to be petted, and to be brushed.  She is very friendly w/ strangers. We have yet to have Ginger around children, but I would not hesitate to place her in a home with kids of any age--I think that she would be  protective of them. Ginger initially tries to be dominant towards other dogs, but it's more of a facade than any serious behavior on her part. She is presently living with a four yr old male GSD who she gets along very well with. I would not, however, place Ginger in a home with another female dog. Nor would I place Ginger in a home with cats, as she seems to have a relatively strong prey drive. Ginger is a large female, and weighs approx 80 lbs.

Ginger is housetrained and shows no signs of separation anxiety. She has not had a single accident in the house she's living in, and has displayed no destructive behavior. Ginger does occasionally get up on the counter seeking food, but that behavior is becoming less and less frequent. Though Ginger does have the company of the male GSD, she would probably be fine when left alone if she was an only dog. Ginger is very smart and responds well to commands such as "no", "sit", "off" and "drop the ball." She walks well on leash and responds when told not to pull, which she only did a couple times. Ginger seems to enjoy a nice walk instead of running. 

Ginger has a very healthy appetite and great sleeping habits. She likes to sleep on her dog bed, but in the morning wants to join her foster mom on the bed where she either buries her head or just curls up next to her.  

Ginger rides very well in a car once she is inside it, but she is extremely fearful of getting into a car to begin with. She will simply drop like a dead weight, and will resist efforts to lift her into the car. Ginger's foster caretaker is presently working with her to overcome her fear of getting into vehicles. 

All in all, Ginger will make a very loving, devoted companion to a family, couple, or individual.

Ginger was rescued on 6-7-13. Her adoption fee is $175.

Posted 6-28-13

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"Maya" is a super-sweet, gentle-giant 5-yr old spayed female GSD mix.  Maya is friendly with strangers (more comfortable w/ women), but also a good watchdog on her home turf. She is great with children, and was protective (though not overly so) of the 7-yr old and a 9-yr old kids she formerly lived with. She is fine with other dogs, though when off-leash she approaches other dogs in a very dominant way. She is NOT good with cats, small dogs or livestock.  Maya is a big dog, weighs approx  90 lbs. 

Maya is very obedient and responds well to commands. She is a great companion on jogs and hikes. She is good on leash and will not pull or make any fuss when seeing other dogs. Even when off leash, she will not run far and comes when called. 

Though Maya has a lot of energy on walks and hikes, she is really clam and loving in a home environment. She loves to cuddle and receive all the attention she can get. Maya is also surprisingly good in cars; she waits calmly and quietly if you leave to run short errands.

Maya formerly had separation anxiety when left alone, but her foster caretakers have worked wonders with this behavior. Now, they can leave Maya alone (w/ access to outside via a dog door) for as much as 12 hrs w/ out her getting upset. 

Maya's former owners adopted her from the Sac SPCA in November 2009. Maya had separation anxiety from the outset, but her owners helped her grow comfortable for the time that they were typically away from home. However, changes to their work schedules forced them to leave Maya alone for 10-12 hrs/day. Consequently, her owners were forced to seek a new home for Maya, and in mid-May began boarding her at GSRSV's facility while I sought her a new home. 

GSRSV brought Maya to a foster home in North Sacramento on 8-21-11, where she is doing great. 

Maya's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 3-6-11; updated 2-28-12 

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"Mia" is a beautiful, nearly 5-yo (born 8-23-09) spayed female GSD who is very active, affectionate and intelligent. Mia is great with strangers and children of all ages. She is good with other dogs, though she is somewhat of an alpha female and will challenge a dog who tries to assert dominance over her. She is good with little dogs, and is very good w/ the cat that she lives with. Mia presently weighs about 65 lbs.

Mia is well-trained. She's great in the house and is routinely left inside for hours w/out a problem. She does pull strong at first on leash when walked, but does well in a harness. She rides fine in the car.

Mia loves to run, swim, and fetch balls. Her hips are somewhat loose, so she is limited to about 3-mile runs; beyond that, she gets sore and slows down. This condition is not uncommon in GSDs, and Mia would likely respond well to a glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM supplement.

Mia's owner Jennifer is presently treating her for a medical condition known as exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), in which the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of enzymes to aid in digestion. (See the Website for a wealth of info about EPI.) EPI causes weight loss, and requires a supplement (called pancreatin) to replace the missing enzymes. Since Mia has been on pancreatin (beginning in July 2014), her weight has improved markedly.

EPI is often an irreversible condition, and so Mia may require pancreatin for life. Pancreatin (which comes in a powder form) is available w/out an Rx from (I presently have two EPI dogs, and I have been purchasing pancreatin from for years.) 

The cost of pancreatin will depend on how much is required per cup of food (1/2-1 tsp/cup), and of course how much food is given daily. Also, the larger the quantity of pancreatin ordered from, the less expensive it is per unit. Right now, Jennifer is feeding Mia about 2 cups dry and 1 cup wet food twice/day. She is adding 2½ tsp of pancreatin with each feeding. The cost for 5 ½ tsp of pancreatin, when purchasing 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) at a time from ($135, including shipping), is $1.71 per day, or $53/month. It's possible that the amount of pancreatin given to Mia can be reduced over time, as long as she's holding her weight.

Jennifer adopted Mia from her father (who bred Mia) about three yrs ago. She is seeking a new home for Mia primarily because she has begun a new career that keeps her away from home for up to 10 hrs/day, and there is nobody else to provide Mia with attention.

GSRSV has evaluated Mia and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Mia through its adoption program while Mia's owner continues to care for her. Mia's adoption fee is $200, and will include a one month supply of pancreatin. Mia is located in Grass Valley.

Posted 4-5-15

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"Milo" is a 2-yo neutered male GSD mix who is great with people of all ages. Milo has lived in a home w/ kids ranging from 15 to 8 yrs. I'm sure he'd be fine with young kids. He's very affectionate and loves to be handled. 

Milo gets along fine with other dogs for the most part, as he's demonstrated with the dogs at GSRSV's facility. However, he is very reactive towards other dogs who bark at him when he's walking on leash and pulls hard towards them. Therefore, whoever adopts Milo must be strong enough to restrain him when walking (Milo does NOT like harnesses), or perhaps chooses to walk Milo at a time when hardly any other dogs will be encountered. I do not know how Milo is with cats (likely not good), so will only consider a home without cats for him. Milo is a large dog, weighing about 80 lbs.

Milo is housetrained and is fine when left inside for several hours. He knows a few of basic commands but has not received any formal training. He walks well on a leash (except when he sees other dogs who bark at him) and has good recall off-leash. He rides well in a car. Milo loves water--swimming or just running through shallow water. He likes playing fetch, too.

Milo appears to have been with one family since he was a puppy, as they knew his birthdate (5-25-12). The family surrendered him to the Sac SPCA on 1-25-14, reportedly because they were moving. GSRSV rescued Milo on 2-19-14. His adoption fee is $225.

Posted 3-20-14; updated 5-18-14

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"Ollie" is a 6-yo neutered male GSD/Pit Bull mix who is friendly, well-behaved and active. Ollie is great with strangers and loves to have his back scratched. He's good with non-infant age children, and previously took part in a "Reading to Dogs" program for school children that helps develop reading skills in a non-judgmental environment. (Click here for an article in the SSPCA's newsletter about Ollie's role as a "Tail Waggin' Tutor."

Ollie can be OK with other dogs, as he demonstrated at GSRSV's facility. (He was great w/ the other dogs for the most part.) However, he has got into some scuffles at dog parks previously, so his owner stopped taking him there. He does live with an older male Dachshund, who he's been fine since he was a puppy. Ollie also lives with four inside cats who he does very well with. He does like to chase after the cats that run from him, but he has never hurt any of them and his owner trusts him enough to leave him alone with the cats. Ollie weighs approx 85 lbs and is very healthy.

Ollie is very well behaved and has received formal obedience training. He stays inside the house for over 8 hours during work days without any problem. He walks well on leash, and is even better off-leash! His owner regularly runs between 1/2 to 1 hr each day with Ollie, and often does so with Ollie off-leash, right by her side. The only time that Ollie has a problem on leash is when a dog on the other side of a fence charges at him--then he goes bonkers! However, he has no reaction towards other dogs he sees when on walks or runs if the dog is not charging towards him. 

Ollie loves to hike, run and swim. One of his favorite games is to chase a laser point on the wall. He's not much for fetching, but does like to run around the yard with his favorite toy.

Ollie's owner Sara took him in as a stray when he was about 4 mos old. He has been a great dog for Sara and her husband, but in 2012 they had a baby that Ollie has never quite been comfortable with. Recently, Ollie snapped at the baby, and so Sara reluctantly decided she needed to find Ollie a new home.

GSRSV has evaluated Ollie and is placing him as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Ollie through its adoption program while his owners continue to care for him. Ollie's adoption fee is $175.

Posted 9-12-14

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"Phoenix" is a handsome 4-yo neutered male GSD with a sweet, gentle temperament. Phoenix is very friendly with strangers and good with children. In fact, he is not much of a watchdog, as he does not generally alarm bark at outside noises. Phoenix is very affectionate and loves to be petted.

Phoenix is great with other dogs when off-leash, but can be quite reactive towards them when walking on-leash. He has behaved perfectly at a dog park, and was quite playful with a female GSD.  It's unlikely, however, that Phoenix will do well w/ cats, as he pull strongly towards cats when he sees them while walking on leash. Phoenix is solidly-built, has a large head, and weighs about 80 lbs.

Phoenix is somewhat insecure, and always wants to be by his person. He is fully housetrained and was great in the house when his former foster caretaker was home, but did have mild separation anxiety when left alone. He knocked over some plants and chewed through some wires (fortunately, low voltage wires) during his first few days in his foster home. After that, his foster caretaker simply closed the door to his office and removed the plants, and Phoenix didn't cause any damage when left alone. However, it's clear that Phoenix would do best in a home where his person is home most of the time, as is the case at present. 

Phoenix generally walks easy on leash, but he does pull strongly at first out of eagerness. Again, he can be quite reactive towards other dogs he sees when on walks, but not always. He rides well in the car, but insists in getting out the driver's side--even if the driver is still sitting there! 

Phoenix was reportedly abandoned by a neglectful, abusive owner, picked up by Oakland Animal Control, then bailed out of the shelter by a neighbor who had been befriending Phoenix. I'm not sure just what to believe, because Phoenix shows no signs of abuse, though he does have the classic insecurity of a dog who has been abandoned. What's for sure is that whoever adopts Phoenix will be well-rewarded by a dog who will show unconditional love and devotion. Phoenix's adoption fee is $200. 

Posted 7-30-14; updated 8-29-14

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"Roscoe" is an approx 2¾-yo neutered male GSD who is friendly, playful and well-tempered. He is very loving with his own people, and friendly with strangers. Roscoe is great with kids; he formerly lived with three boys ages 10-15, and has rolled over for a 5-yr old. He's probably too energetic for kids younger than 5, though. Roscoe  is very good with other dogs and quite playful. In fact, he needs to go to a home w/ another young, playful dog like himself to not only help him burn off some of that young GSD energy that he has, but to also keep him company inside when his people are away. (See below about Roscoe's tendency to escape a yard when unattended.) Roscoe is quite predatory towards  cats. Roscoe presently weighs about 70 lbs and is still growing.

Roscoe is fully housetrained and mostly non-destructive inside, though he does have a fondness for chewing up paper. His foster caretaker routinely leaves him inside her house (with her other dog) for eight or more hours with only an occasional miscue on Roscoe's part. 

There is a reason that Roscoe's foster caretaker leaves him inside when she's gone: if left outside unattended (even w/ another dog), he will try to find a way out of the yard. It is likely that Roscoe does this only because he was previously able to get into the neighbor's yard by easily going over a short section of fence. Once Roscoe's foster caretaker installed a higher section of fence, Roscoe could not go over it, so tried to dig under it. However, in the home he was at before GSRSV took him in, Roscoe never tried to escape the yard. So, it's probably circumstantial that Roscoe tries to get out of his present yard. 

Roscoe has learned several basic commands. He walks well on leash for the most part, but goes bonkers when he sees a cat run. He loves to go for car rides and travels well. Roscoe loves squeaky toys, swimming, and to play tug-of-war. 

A woman from Citrus Heights adopted Roscoe from the Merced County shelter in mid-December 2013 when she saw on the Internet that he might be euthanized. Unfortunately, she discovered that Roscoe is very predatory towards cats, and her family has two of them. Also, Roscoe will become very vocal if left outside alone.

Roscoe is a ready-made dog for an active home in which he will receive lots of love, attention and exercise--and where he will be allowed to remain inside uncrated (Roscoe does NOT like crates) when his people are gone--if necessary. Again, Roscoe needs to go to a home with another good-sized, young, playful dog like himself, who can keep him company when his people are away.

Roscoe has been in a foster home in East Sacramento since January 25, 2014. His adoption fee is $250.

Posted 1-11-14; updated 3-3-15

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"Roxy" is a beautiful, plush-coated 5-6 yo spayed female GSD with a mellow personality. Roxy is affectionate with her people and friendly with strangers. We have yet to have her around young kids, but I have no doubts that Roxy is good w/ children, as she has a gentle demeanor. Roxy is fine with large dogs, but does have a strong prey drive, so we'll only consider a home without small dogs or cats for her. Roxy is a medium-sized GSD, and appears to weigh between 60-65 lbs.

Roxy has great house manners. She can be left alone inside for hours without any trouble--not even counter-surfing. She walks well on leash and also jogs well alongside a bicycle.

Roxy is a very smart dog. She found some canned dog food in her foster caretaker's (Joe's) garage, picked it up, and set it down at Joe's feet. Sign that dog up for a dog food commercial!

GSRSV rescued Roxy from the shelter in Martinez on 1-11-15. Roxy's former owner had surrendered her to the shelter two days before Christmas for reasons unknown. Roxy is in a foster home in Davis.

Roxy's adoption fee is $200.

Posted 1-22-15

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"Rufus" is a 4-yo neutered male GSD mix with a wonderful, mellow temperament. Rufus is very people-oriented, affectionate and smart. He is good with strangers but protective of his people and alarm barks appropriately. Rufus is great with kids, and lived in a home with kids aged 7 & 4 yrs for several months.  However, he does have a strong herding drive, so will chase after kids when they are running and occasionally mouth them. Rufus is great with most other dogs, and presently lives harmoniously with many dogs at GSRSV's rescue facility. Rufus is not good with cats, so I will only consider a home without cats for him. Rufus weighs about 65 lbs, and his ears are floppy like those of a Lab.

Rufus is house trained and has exceptional house manners. He can be left alone inside for long periods of time w/out any problems. He is not so good when left alone outside for long periods of time; though he won't jump a fence, he will dig sometimes. He probably would not dig if left outside with another dog. Rufus appears to have received some formal obedience training and is responsive to many basic commands.  

Though mellow overall, Rufus is quite active when outdoors. He loves to run and needs more than just a walk around the block daily. Rufus is a little rough on leash--he'll pull out of excitement, and especially when he sees another person or dog. He does not act aggressively, just gets very excited. So, Rufus needs an owner who can work with him on his on-leash skills. Rufus comes w/ a harness, which gives better control than just a collar.

GSRSV rescued Rufus from the Baldwin Park (southern Calif) shelter on 3-29-14. He was adopted 7-5-14 by a family in Carmichael. They loved Rufus, but Rufus would scratch himself continually in their house. It turned out that Rufus was allergic to their relatively new carpets, so they finally had to return Rufus to GSRSV on 12-14-14.

Rufus' adoption fee is $200 (which includes a microchip).

Posted  1-19-15

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Adopted 4-5-15!

"Kona" is a nearly 6-yo (born 7-25-09) neutered male GSD/Malamute with a wonderful, happy temperament. Kona is very affectionate with his person and friendly with strangers. He just loves to be petted, and reminds you to keep petting him with a quick raise of his head into your hand. Kona is great with children, though somewhat nervous around toddlers. (Kona was previously adopted by a family with a 2½-yo girl and a 10-mos old baby; Kona was great w/ the 2½-yo but not so much the baby). 

Kona is great with the two dogs he lives with (female GSD/Husky and female Pit mix), but can be aggressive towards strange dogs at first. His former owner used to take him to a dog park every day, and I brought him to a dog park on a few occasions without incident. However, Kona has fought w/ other dogs at a dog park in the presence of his foster caretaker recently. I believe that Kona needs a very strong leader, as I think his aggressiveness is protective behavior which probably won't surface with a strong leader. I don't know if Kona has ever been around cats, so I will need to find a home w/out cats for him. Kona weighs about 65 lbs

Kona is well-trained and very mellow in the house. He loves to run around in the open, but has good recall and comes when called. His former adopter used to take him to Folsom Lake several times/wk, and Kona did well there off-leash. Kona is good on leash as well.

Kona loves to run and to go for car rides. I am looking for a very active home for Kona, one in which he will see lots of outdoor activity, but also one in which he will be allowed inside the house when his people are home.

Kona was taken in by a young man in Oakdale from a friend of his who had to re-home both Kona and his female GSD companion due to a change in her living situation. The young man had Kona and the GSD for about nine months, and then his living situation changed--he had to move from a house to an apt, and could not take either dog with him. Word got around to GSRSV, and after somebody took the GSD, GSRSV took Kona
to keep him from going to the shelter. 

Kona is now in a foster home in El Dorado Hills. Kona's adoption fee is $200.

Posted 4-22-14; updated 3-15-15

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Adopted 4-4-15!

"Elsa" is a beautiful 2-3 yo spayed female Husky/GSD mix who is very sweet and somewhat insecure. Elsa is friendly with everyone she meets, but is timid at first. She has been around young children and did well with them. Elsa is great with other dogs, and is presently doing well with the two other large male dogs in her foster home. There is also a cat in the foster home, but Elsa does chase it and shows too much interest in it for us to be comfortable placing her in a home w/ cats. Elsa weighs about 60 lbs. 

Elsa is housetrained and well-mannered inside. She also walks very easy on leash. However, she does have separation anxiety when left alone. When left outside--even in the company of the two other dogs-- she has escaped the yard, but has simply gone around to the front of the house and waited at the door. Elsa's foster caretakers are presently keeping her in a 10' X 10' kennel when they are gone, and though Elsa is not happy about it, so far it has contained her. She has not been left alone inside. The first night that she was in her foster home, her foster caretakers crated her, but she busted out of the crate then went upstairs and scratched to get into the bedroom.

Because of Elsa's separation anxiety, we are seeking a home for her in which she will rarely be without human company. When Elsa is without human company, she needs to initially be kept either inside in a very durable crate or outside in a strong wire kennel with a top. (A chain link kennel will likely not contain Elsa, unless it is heavy-duty chain link.)

GSRSV rescued Elsa from the Pinole shelter on 2-4-15, where she had been since 1-14-15. 

Elsa's adoption fee is $250, which includes a microchip.

Posted 2-25-15; updated 3-24-15

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Adopted 3-29-15!

"Freya" is a 2½-yo spayed female GSD who is loving, confident and very high-energy. Freya is outgoing and friendly with strangers, but is a good watchdog. Freya is fine with most other dogs, but does not get along w/ the small female Terrier mix in her present home and should best be paired w/ a medium-to-large size male dog. Freya has a strong prey drive and is not good with cats. Freya is good with horses. Freya weighs approx 65 lbs.

Freya is completely house trained. However, due to her high energy level, she needs to be run regularly or she can be overly-active inside. Freya is good on leash, but can be very reactive towards other dogs if her handler is not in complete control when she sees another dog. With a handler who conveys authority, Freya is fine when she sees other dogs. Freya loves to play ball and could run for hours on end.

Freya was trained as a service dog for veterans w/ PTSD. A woman (Lisa) with a daughter who has epilepsy adopted Freya, being assured by Freya's trainer that Freya would serve well as a service dog for her daughter. However, when the daughter had seizures, Freya would jump up on her (which she was taught to do when somebody has an anxiety attack), and this did not assist the girl having the seizures. Lisa tried to return Freya to the trainer, but the trainer was nowhere to be found! So, Lisa's mother (Phyllis) took in Freya. Phyllis planned to keep Freya, but as previously mentioned Freya does not get along w/ her female Terrier mix. 

GSRSV has evaluated and is placing her as a "Program Dog." This means that GSRSV is placing Freya through its adoption program while her owner continues to care for her. Freya is located in Grass Valley. Her adoption fee is $250.

Posted 2-19-15

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Adopted 3-29-15!

"Pinwheel" (Pinny) is a 3-yo spayed female GSD who is easily one of the sweetest dogs I've ever had the pleasure to take care of. Pinwheel has "family dog" written all over her. She is loving, happy, great with other dogs, great with people, and I KNOW that Pinwheel will be great with kids of all ages. "Pinny" is also one of the few GSDs that I'm confident will be good with cats, even though I have never seen her around cats. I just can't see Pinwheel harming a fly! Pinwheel weighs about 65 lbs, but could easily carry another 5-10 lbs without being overweight. I'm not sure who gave her the name "Pinwheel", but that was her name at the shelter and I've stuck with it (and she responds well to it).

Pinwheel walks great on a leash and loves to ride in the car. She is housetrained, but tends to stay outside of my house for the most part. It's quite clear that Pinny was kept as an outside breeding dog by some low-life and provided with little or no training, so she's somewhat hesitant to come inside. I have no doubt that Pinny will be quite happy to stay inside once she is adopted into a home in which she doesn't have to compete for attention with as many dogs as there are here at GSRSV's rescue facility. 

Pinny LOVES to run through shallow water, and it's really uplifting to see how happy she is when she does this--she really kicks up her heels! She's not really into swimming, but I could see this changing in the right environment.

Pinny's ears are permanently floppy due to thickening of the ear flaps from long-term ear infections that went untreated. When I rescued Pinny back in July 2014, her ears were in horrible shape. I cleaned her ears a few times, but her ear canals were so swollen there just wasn't much I could do to clean them out. Finally, on January 15 of this year, I took her to my vet, who treated Pinny's ears w/ an antibiotic ointment called "BKT Otic" that is warmed up and then pushed deep into the ear canals w/ a syringe. The BKT Otic worked like a charm. Ever since her ear treatment, Pinny no longer shakes her head or scratches her ears. I finally feel confident that Pinny's chronic ear infections are behind her and I can place her without worrying about burdening someone with long-term veterinary expenses.  

GSRSV rescued Pinwheel from the Colusa County Shelter on 7-8-14. Her adoption fee is $275, which includes a microchip.

Posted 3-9-15

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